The correct fact

A month ago my department had a luncheon where incoming graduate students would meet their mentor for the first time. At the beginning of the event the students needed to “guess” or determine their mentor through trying to match the person with a “fun fact” about that person. I was the last person to be found.

Students guessed that I had “climbed Mt Kilimanjaro”, “held a human right high commissioner in Geneva”, “knitted during a faculty meeting”, and “lived in Beijing”. All was wrong. They think too highly of me 🙂)

The correct fact was:
Sleeping is my expertise. I can sleep anywhere in any position; lying on the floor, sitting on the bench, or standing in the bus. One time, I slept at traffic lights missing two green lights and single handedly stopped the traffic for more than 5 minutes.”

It’s a feature of me/my research with a correct profile but without the correct fact above 🙂

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