[Quote] On social media

Facebook asks what’s on my mind. Twitter asks what I’m doing. Instagram asks what I’m seeing. Foursquare asks where I am. Social media is like an obsessive ex-boyfriend.

In this place you have a profile picture and what you do is just sitting around, making friends with strangers, bragging about life you don’t have, and wasting time by writing on and talking to the wall.

No, I am not talking about Facebook. I am talking about a prison.

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On Honorary Degree

People with PhDs shouldn’t be too upset with those who get doctorates without enduring years of doctoral student’ life-with-no-life. Honorary degrees are meant to be encouraging — which means people who are awarded the degrees are encouraged to do more — meaning they’re not doing enough, yet.

For example, Kermit the Frog received a Doctorate of Amphibious Letters in 1996 from Southampton College in New York. This only means to encourage Kermit to be more amphibious.


[US Election] Random quotes

The Obamas had the best speeches of #DNC.
Michelle scores better than Barack, though.
She gave the best speech not only at #DNC but also at #RNC

Listening to fear-mongering speeches at #RNC, it sounds like these people are living in the imaginative world full of flesh-eating zombies.

How many #Trumpence supporters does it take to change a lightbulb?
None, they live in an eternal darkness.

Knowledge is to know that an orange is a fruit. Wisdom is not to elect an orange as a president. Stupidity is to believe that an orange can build the wall.