You can contact me by email at MERLYNAATGMAILDOTCOM.

Please use my work/university email (and email only) for professional exchanges. Sorry, invitations and requests sent via social media will not be responded. My email is publicly searchable.

Your email will be responded as soon as possible. Normally within 3×24 hours. Sometime, when there’s a backlog, my response time would expand to 7×24 hours. If you didn’t get any response after a week, it would be because my situation doesn’t permit me to respond to emails such as being on sick/medical leave. Your patience and understanding is needed and appreciated.

I get many emails from all over the world asking how-to questions such as how to do certain types of research, how to write, how to publish, some even ask me to provide a comprehensive methodology/theory/analysis of their own research, etc. I don’t think I can answer such questions via email. So, it’s not possible to do such exchanges with me.

Meanwhile, if you’re here to ask for a letter of recommendation, please read this.