• Indonesian Social Science Seminar Series (IS4), 28 October 2021.
  • 2021 Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society Conference, 28-30 July. 
  • Researching Digital Media & Politics in Indonesia, in Social Media Activism, Digital Resilience and Resistance to Democratic Regression, International Webinar World Class University, Universitas Diponegoro, 26 April 2021.
  • Dialog Splitter: Nationalism, Social Media, and Schismatic Algorithm in Southeast Asia, in Cybernationalism and the World: Populism, Identity, and Symbolic Politics in the Digital Age, Center on Digital Culture & Society, University of Pennsylvania, 23 April 2021.
  • Algorithmic Enclaves, in Weaponized Media: politics of affect & propaganda, 13 April 2021.
  • Media on the Brink in Asia, Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives, University of Victoria, 4 March 2021.
  • The Rise of Extremes: Social Media Algorithms and Politics, AICCON 2021: Sustainable Communication in Mediated and Social Network Society, Jakarta, 8 February 2021.
  • Managing Work-Life Balance and Promoting Healthy Work Environment in Academia (Kultur Akademik Sehat Bagi Akademisi), I&P Indonesia, 23 January 2021.
  • Ctrl-Alt-Del: (Not) A Secret to Life, WIBJ Business & Leadership Talk, 22 January 2021.


  • Rhythms and Algorithms, VPL Series, Institute of Technology Sepuluh November, Surabaya, 21 November 2020.
  • Beragama di Dunia Maya: Media Sosial dan Pandangan Keagamaan di Indonesia, Pusat Pengkajian Islam dan Masyarakat (PPIM) UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, 16 November 2020.
  • Data, Algorithms, and Politics in Everyday Life, Reducates: Dialog Inspiratif, 8 November 2020.
  • Social Media and Political Communications: A critical insight, 4th International Conference on Contemporary Political Affairs 2020, 22 October 2020.
  • Researching Digital Media in the Critical Spaces, VPL Series, Institute of Technology Sepuluh November, Surabaya, 2 October 2020.
  • Publishing academic journals, LPPM University of Diponegoro, Semarang, 23 September 2020.
  • Networked of Spaces of Hope and Despair: Social Media and Grassroots Politics in Southeast Asia, “Digital Technologies and Democracy in Southeast Asia”, ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute, Singapore, 21 September 2020.
  • Researching Social Phenomenon/Media (not only) during the Pandemic, Researchers, Academics, and Disinformation (Scientists’ Responses to Pandemic), Akademi Ilmuwan Muda Indonesia & Society of Indonesian Science Journalists, Jakarta, 14 August 2020.
  • Social Media, Digital Grassroots, and Populist Politics — insights from Southeast Asia, Communication Studies and Multimedia + Political Science Department, McMaster University, Hamilton-ON, Canada, 23 January 2020.

Past appearances


  • Algorhythmanalysis, Communication, and Collective Actions, SPRU Energy and Climate Seminar,  Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, Falmer-UK, 26 November 2019.
  • Researching Digital Media, Post-graduate Masterclass. Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, 25 November 2019.
  • Rhythms and Algorithms of “Us”, MA Masterclass, School of Media, Film and Music, University of Sussex, Falmer-UK, 20 November 2019.
  • Algorithmic Enclaves: Social Media and Politics in Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia Discussion Series, Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, 7 November 2019.
  • Media, Nationalism, & Religion: Digital Grassroots and Elections in Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia Forum 2019,  Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, 29 October 2019.
  • Legally Brown: Living/Researching Media-Politics in the Critical Spaces, Public lecture, the Institute of Asian and African Studies, Humboldt University, Berlin, 26 September 2019.
  • Decolonizing Data, Undoing the South. Plenary panel. Data Power 2019. Bremen, 12-13 September 2019.
  • Networked Spaces of Hope: Social Media and Grassroots Politics in Southeast Asia, EuroSeas, Berlin 9-12 September 2019.
  • Mediating and Mediatizing Political and Religious Authorities (with Saskia Schafer), EuroSeas, Berlin, 9-12 September 2019. 
  • Co-Evolution of Media/Communication and Human Organization, International Sustainability Transitions Conference, Carleton University, Ottawa, 24 June 2019.
  • Talk. “Algorithmic Enclaves: Affective politics, neoliberal media, and the missing middle”. Affect, Propaganda, Politics Symposium, Toronto, 7-9 June 2019. 
  • Christchurch Call to Action, Open Government Partnership Summit, Ottawa, ON, 30 May 2019.
  • Keynote. “Algorithm, Rhythm, and Arrhythmia”. Second Decadal Rightful Place of Science, Consortium for Science, Policy, and Outcomes, Arizona State University, Tempe-AZ, 9-10 May 2019.
  • Panelist. Critiquing the Platform: Power, Principles, and Transformative Possibilities, McMaster University, Hamilton-ON, 3 May 2019.
  • Talk. “Communication & Media of Social Movements”. Digital Governance Speaker Series, Ottawa, 16 April 2019.
  • Talk. “TBD”. Countering Radicalization to Violence – 2019 Event Series, Ottawa, 23-27 March 2019.
  • Closing plenary talk. “Insidious Algorhythms” Insidious, 14th Annual Carleton Communication Graduate Caucus Conference, Carleton University, Ottawa, 21-22 March 2019.
  • Primer presentation & panelist. Artificial intelligence, Democracy and Your Election, Initiative for Parliamentary and Diplomatic Engagement, Ottawa, 25 February 2019.


  • Public lecture. Roots, Routes, Routers: Communication and Media of Social Movements, Inaugural CADS Digital Diverse Worlds Seminar, University of Leiden, Leiden—The Netherlands, 6 December 2018.
  • Plenary panel. Big data from the South: Decolonization, Resistance & Creativity. Plenary panel. DATACTIVE workshop: Big data from the South, towards a research agenda, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam—The Netherlands, 4 December 2018.
  • Keynote/plenary talk. Rhythms & Algorithms: Collective Action in the Social Media Age. International Society for Media, Religion and Culture (ISMRC) Conference, Boulder CO, US, 8-11 August 2018.
  • Public lecture. Communication Science & Rural Sociology Department, Bogor Agricultural University, 18 May 2018.
  • Plenary talk. #WeHaveNeverBeenReformed: 20 Years of Digital Media and Activism in the Post Reformasi Indonesia. Reformasi at 20: Indonesia, Then and Now, Asia Research Institute – National University of Singapore, 14 May 2018.
  • Keynote talk. Sociological Research in a Fast Changing Socio-Digital Landscape. APSSI Conference, Lombok, Indonesia, 9 May 2018.
  • Keynote talk. Social Media and Contemporary Politic(ian)s in the Global South: A Framework.  Politicians and Social Media in the Global South. Ann Arbor MI, US, 14 April 2018.
  • Panelist. Engaging with Media and Managing Your Messaging in a Post-Truth World.  2nd Annual Government Relations and Public Affairs Practitioners Forum. Ottawa, March 20-21, 2018.
  • Closing plenary speaker. “Untitled”. Communications Graduate Caucus – Conference 2018, “POST-?”, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, March 12 and 13, 2018 [postponed].
  • Public keynote. “Roots, routes, routers: Digital media & social movements”.  Purdue University, West Lafayette IN, USA, 6-7 March 2018.



  • From Spring to Winter: Social Media and the Western Discourse of the Post Arab Uprisings, 2016 Union for Democratic Communications (UDC) Conference, Detroit, MI, United States, 29 September–1 October 2016.
  • Tweeting and Gathering: Everyday Spaces of Resistance for the Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers in Hong Kong, American Sociology Association, Seattle WA, United States,  19–23 August 2016.
  • Floating on Air/on a Cloud: Networked Media and Global Movements for Social Change, The 35th National Campus and Community Radio Conference NCRC#35, University of Ottawa, Ottawa ON, Canada, 9 June 2016.
  •  Freedom to Hate: Islam, Social Media and Sectarian Narratives in Indonesia, Social Media and Islamic Practices in Southeast Asia, Vienna, Austria, 14–15 April 2016.
  •  Dis/Connect: The Co–Evolution of Socio–Cultural and Material Infrastructure of the Internet in Indonesia, Infrastructure, University of Toronto, Toronto ON, Canada, 18–20 March 2016.
  • Data, Algorithm and Social Worlds, Data Science Distinguished Speaker Series, Institute for Data Science, Carleton University, Ottawa ON, Canada, 11 March 2016 (with T. Lauriault & S. Robinson).
  •  Justice or Just Us: Smart–Creative Cities, Inequalities and Urban (In)Activism, Reclaiming the City, Asia Research Institute National, University of Singapore, Singapore, 23 February 2016.
  • Media and Space–Time of Contemporary Social Movements: A Conversation with Merlyna Lim, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, Boston MA, United States,  28 January 2016.