Roots, Routes, Routers


I am excited to announce that Roots, Routes, Routers: Communications and Media of Contemporary Social Movements is out as a monograph, accompanied by commentary by wonderful colleagues and experts in media & social movements – Emiliano Treré, Orley Durán & Clemencia Rodríguez, and María Paula Martínez.


or if you don’t have access to it, here is a PDF  version.
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#Reformasi@20: The Internet and Politics in Indonesia

In preparing an essay for the month of May, where Indonesia marks the 20 years of “Reformasi”, I came across what the-much-younger-me published 16 years ago — my first publication, in my pre-doctoral-program-life, written while I was in nomad. I re-read it for the first time since it was published. Relieved to find out that it’s not embarrassing for my today’s standard 😉 Also, I am surprised to discover that it is still very relevant today. Here is an excerpt from its conclusion. Continue reading “#Reformasi@20: The Internet and Politics in Indonesia”

Just Valentine

In case you need some “#activist” and “for #justice” pick-up lines for the #Valentine week, here are some I made for you. Enjoy

Baby, I tell ya direct action beats inaction.
Let me distribute my love equally all over you.
Do you believe in oppression at first sight?
Let me be your Wall street, babe. Occupy me and march on to me.
The revolution is here baby, I can feel an uprising in my lower class.

#Activalentineism #activistpickuplines #valentineforactivists #justvalentine