FRIENDSHIP – YOu’ve Got a Friend in Me

Friendship is one of the most precious things in life. A true friendship lasts a lifetime and real friends never grow apart. True friends are those who are invited to look closely under the veneer of a seemingly smooth and tidy life, to feel the contour of your life’s cracks and crevasses, and accept its … Continue reading FRIENDSHIP – YOu’ve Got a Friend in Me


Today, in a meeting of a certain association, I was asked about my research, as apparently my expertise doesn't fit any of traditional clusters of that associated association. So, here is my answer: My discipline is called science, technology, and society studies (STS) and my research expertise lies between science/engineering and social science/humanities. I research … Continue reading MY FIELD/RESEARCH: WHAT I DO


Just published! If you're interested in learning about the relationship between the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, conspiracy theories, social media affordances, and algorithms, then this article is for you. Lim, M. (2022). #Coronaconspiracy: Algorithms, Users, and Conspiracy Theories in Social Media. M/C Journal, 25(1). Check out some other articles in this special #Conspiracy issue. They're interesting!#socialmedia #algorithm #conspiracytheory #conspiracies #covid19

Prayer for UKRAINE

PRAYER for UKRAINE - Молитва за Україну / Molytva za Ukrayinu Music & Lyrics by: Mykola Lysenko & Oleksandr Konysky Performed by: The Edoens - Fani, Mer, Rino, Ben, Novel May our collective desire for peace blossom forth and thrive in these difficult times. May love prevail. #StandwithUkraine #StandwithPeace #SlavaUkraini #SlaveUkraine #acappella #edoens