FRIENDSHIP – YOu’ve Got a Friend in Me

Friendship is one of the most precious things in life. A true friendship lasts a lifetime and real friends never grow apart. True friends are those who are invited to look closely under the veneer of a seemingly smooth and tidy life, to feel the contour of your life’s cracks and crevasses, and accept its … Continue reading FRIENDSHIP – YOu’ve Got a Friend in Me

Prayer for UKRAINE

PRAYER for UKRAINE - Молитва за Україну / Molytva za Ukrayinu Music & Lyrics by: Mykola Lysenko & Oleksandr Konysky Performed by: The Edoens - Fani, Mer, Rino, Ben, Novel May our collective desire for peace blossom forth and thrive in these difficult times. May love prevail. #StandwithUkraine #StandwithPeace #SlavaUkraini #SlaveUkraine #acappella #edoens

Have yourself a merry ….

"From now on our troubles will be out of sight ... From now on our troubles will be miles away ... Through the years, we all will be together ... If the fates allow ..." We failed to make holiday cards this year, but here is our last minute attempt to combine a timelapsed … Continue reading Have yourself a merry ….