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In her current life, Merlyna Lim is/does:

In her previous life(s), Merlyna Lim was:

  • an award-winning designer and architect.
  • a piano/keyboard accompanist. a violinist. a harmonica player.
  • a lead singer, was in multiple bands. an a cappella singer. a choir conductor and coach.
  • a physics teacher. a math tutor. an art teacher.
  • a math whiz and nerd. a math competition winner.
  • a 2D and 3D rendering artist — hand-drawing and digital.
  • a dough kneader. a shop attendant. a kite-string threader.

Now, Merlyna Lim:

lives in mucho-frio-yet-lovely Ottawa, with her award-winning musician inamorato, accompanied by a black Steinway Vertegrand,  a sitar, a banjo, a mandolin, a ukulele, a trumpet, violins, harmonicas and guitars, lots of plants and plenty of books.

Profile photo: Lim in Ottawa, May 2021

Banner image: Lim & the Autumn, October 2021.