The Academic Medley

It started with an impulsive email I sent to three of several graduate students I advised. I wrote:

Hey all of you,

I have a silly and (not-so-crazy) idea. I just found out that the most musical grad students are all related to me. i think the universe tries to tell me something 😉
what do you think of doing a little fun music project for the #InsidiousCGC conference? (we can perform it after my closing talk).

(Un)Surprisingly, all responded enthusiastically! We met once to bounce ideas, wrote lyrics, and then rehearsed 4 times (+ 1 general rehearsal). Voila, we performed the “Insidious Medley” at the Carleton Graduate Caucus Conference!

So, yes, from #BigData to #GraduateLife to #McLuhan to #Foucault to #Feminist theory to #boring Profs … we spared nobody! The best part of doing this performance was to have colleagues and students laughed and, in the end, sung with us and gave us a standing ovation! It was a lot of fun and, sure, yes, we take humour very seriously!