FRIENDSHIP – YOu’ve Got a Friend in Me

Friendship is one of the most precious things in life. A true friendship lasts a lifetime and real friends never grow apart.

True friends are those who are invited to look closely under the veneer of a seemingly smooth and tidy life, to feel the contour of your life’s cracks and crevasses, and accept its scruffy lines and raggedy edges. They’re part of your life. Through days and years, play and fears, laughter and tears.

True friends are those who always believe in you even when you doubt myself. They never betray you, even when your whole universe seems to conspire against you.  

I treasure the friendship more than words can express. Even a billion “I love you’s” will never convey how much I cherish my friends. In the last 2++ years, my gratitude for them has reached new heights. Through our bodies are apart, they’re always there when a heart needs caressing, sadness yearns comforting, sorrow calls unburdening, and joy desires sharing.

To all my dear friends, I long to reach you out, touch your shoulder, hug you, and laugh uncontrollably until our stomachs hurt. I can’t wait to meet you in person. But, until then, I shall continue savouring our meaningful friendship.

For all of you, here is a song for you to celebrate our friendship, your friendship, everybody’s friendship. Today is the time to tell your friends that “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”. Feel free to share this video, it’s kids friendly :-).

a special note for the Edoens: Fani, Rino, Bram, Ben, Novel, thank you. We didn’t become friends because we sang together; we’re BFFs having a harmonious relationship who decided to sing together in harmony (+ tons of endearing mockeries, silliness, and fun, too :D). Yeah, you’ve got a friend in me, pals! <3

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