Words. Pictures. Voice.

April is the National Poetry Month in Canada as well as in the US (and probably other places, too). This month, some 18 American contemporary writers chose to compose words that give voice to pictures . They have composed poems inspired by different artworks in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.* Fascinating!!!
Echoing them, here is one from me. Mine is anaclitic. One cannot exist without the other. Words that give voice to a picture and a picture that visualizes words.
These two are one. A portrait-poetry. A poetrait, perhaps ? 😉


“un/contained” — self portrait

in images of forms and shapes, she painted herself a portrait
in shadows of rays of colors, she brushed an undelineated existence
found herself disembarked in a terrain
self-contained, a world within a world
amongst white and black and unnamed colors
amidst curves, lines and illustrious circles
between undefined and untamed dreams
she raced to liberate one soul, unchained, uncontained
* With sincere thanks to UP for sharing the news that inspired me to write this post.

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