ALiGN Media Lab

The media lab I’d been working on for years was finally launched on September 18th, 2017. It is called ALiGN Media Lab — ALiGN is short for Alternative Global Network. The launch went well, attended by colleagues, (future) partners, students, and friends. It was quite an adventure to prepare for the launch itself. But beyond the launch was years of work I had devoted to building various elements of the lab, especially on essential intellectual and practical work–research and public engagement as well as fun/creative work–that became the foundation of the lab. It’s quite a good feeling to finally pull everything together in the form of the lab.

What is ALiGN? (watch 2 minutes video below)

Of course, the launch is just the beginning of the story. I am truly excited to utilize the lab to continue working with communities and activists, in engaging with and challenging dominant narratives, creating alternative narratives, and carving spaces of hope and resistance. Through the lab, I (we) hope to continue generate alternative narratives about social movements, telling stories and reporting on new research, movements, and developments.

Wish us luck!

Videos from the launch are available for public viewing here. Meanwhile, below is my preview of the Lab.

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