A neighbour with a beautiful mind

In the last decade or so, I came across some intellectual celebrities in various occasions in various places. No, I don’t have any evidence of my encounters with these people, no autograph, no selfies, nada. I had some email exchanges with a couple of them but I’d keep these to myself. Also, while they’re inspirational, … Continue reading A neighbour with a beautiful mind

A traveling professor

Last Thursday I delivered a ten-minutes-speech at the Passion for Research Luncheon, a university-wide annual luncheon to celebrate research excellence. Instead of 'preaching' (to the choir) about research/being a researcher, I chose to tell a story.... the story ... here it is... Warning: (Most likely) You will not get smarter nor gain any knowledge by … Continue reading A traveling professor

Someone got to eat (2) — not a story of forgetting something

Saturday, March 13th 2010 I arrived in my conference hotel in Austin, TX, slightly before the check-in time and found out that my room wasn't ready. I decided to go for lunch while waiting for a room. I hadn't had anything but a cup of coffee made by my beloved J and one green apple … Continue reading Someone got to eat (2) — not a story of forgetting something