Text of my speech for the Jakarta Arts Council's "Pidato Kebudayaan" ("The Speech on Culture") is available in both English and Indonesian, here: http://bit.ly/rhythm_algorithm. Naskah Pidato Kebudayaan DKJ saya bisa diunduh di link tersebut. Also, the talk itself, while delivered in Indonesian, now it has English subtitle;it's way more rhythmical than a written version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh9nydACB1UContinue reading Rhythm & ALGORITHM OF US


(terjemahan dalam bahasa Indonesia di bawah) I was truly in doubt whether to post this or not, but eventually I promised my students that I'd do it. This was originally written in response to Inspiring Girls International's invitation to participate in #ThisLittleGirlIsMe campaign. Also to mark the International Day of the Girl Child on October … Continue reading #ThisLittleGirlIsMe

Have yourself a merry ….

"From now on our troubles will be out of sight ... From now on our troubles will be miles away ... Through the years, we all will be together ... If the fates allow ..." https://youtu.be/0A6gdW6OmJ8 We failed to make holiday cards this year, but here is our last minute attempt to combine a timelapsed … Continue reading Have yourself a merry ….

Bubuy Bulan

"Bubuy Bulan" (trans. The Roasted Moon) https://youtu.be/aC6APVDfv4s a traditional song from my hometown, in Sundanese, my mother tongue Music: spontaneously sung and played on piano by yours truly in the evening of november 12th, 2020 Visual: papercut artwork by Jane Kurnadi (who spontaneously and amazingly created it after listening to my playing, thanks Jane ). … Continue reading Bubuy Bulan

The Evolution of Intellectual Freedom

I'm presenting "The Evolution of Merlyna's a Critical Monkey's Intellectual Freedom" (bottom) . It was part of my last public lecture which basically attempted to provide an alternative imagination of possible career/life pathways. It's my take vis-a-vis a (valid) critic of the state of intellectual freedom in academia by a brilliant Jorge Cham/PhD comic in … Continue reading The Evolution of Intellectual Freedom

[Publication] Algorithmic Enclaves

"Algorithmic enclaves". I introduced this term in my 2017 article "Freedom to Hate" -- which was instantaneously coined during the Q&A after my talk in Stockholm earlier that year (thank you folks for asking me hard questions!)-- but didn't detail the concept yet. Having read that article, some supportive colleagues suggested me to write an … Continue reading [Publication] Algorithmic Enclaves