• Roots, Routes, Routers: Social Media and Urban Activism from the Arab Spring to Hong Kong, CRC inaugural lecture, Carleton University, Ottawa ON, 6 November 2014.
  • Social Media and Populism in the 2014 Indonesian Presidential Elections, Whose Voices: Global Media and Populism, CUNY Baruch College, New York NY, 25-26 October 2014.
  • Sweeping the Unclean: Social media and Electoral Politics in Malaysia and Indonesia, Southeast Asia Elections Conference, Weatherhead Institute of Southeast Asia, Columbia University, New York NY, 8-9 May 2014.
  • Social Media, Politics, and Diaspora in India, Indo-Canada Diaspora Forum, Carleton University, 5-6 May 2014.
  • High Heels & Hot Wheels: Social Media and Women Activism in the Arab World, SPAGS Inaugural Conference: Women, Media, and Politics: A Comparative Perspective, Tempe AZ, 10-12 April 2014.
  • Tweet to the Street: Social Media and the Chinese Youth in Bersih movement, Asian Studies Association Annual Conference, Philadelphia, 28-31 March 2014.
  • The Youth, Social Media, and ‘New’ Activism, Youth, Conflict and Governance in Africa, Yale University, New Haven CT, 28 February – 1 March 2014.
  • Technology and Policy in Asia (tentative) , The Many Faces of Asia: Shaping Identities in a Dynamic World, Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations, Harvard University, Cambridge MA, 14-17 February 2014.
  • Keynote, The spatial dynamics of the contemporary social movements, Conceptualizing Cyber-Urban Connections in Asia and the Middle East Conference, Asia Research Institute National University of Singapore, Singapore, 22-24 January 2014.


  • Connecting Cyber and Physical Spaces in Social Movements, Alt Banking Speaker Series, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University, New York NY, 8 December 2013
  • Holy Bandwidth: Race/Ethnicity, Religion, and Local Politics in the Social Media Age, Religion in the Digital Age, New York University, New York, 28 September 2013
  • On/Offline Activism: The Making of Contemporary Social Movements in Digital and Urban Spaces, CITP Seminar, Princeton University, Sherrerd Hall, Princeton, 19 September 2013  [video]
  • Bricks and Bytes: Social Media and Political Activism, Must See Monday, Walter Cronkite School, Phoenix, 8 April 2013 [coverage]
  • In YouTube We Trust: The Politics and Culture of Amateur Videos in the 2012 Jakarta Gubernatorial Election, AAS Conference, San Diego, 21-24 March 2013 (cancelled, physical ailment).
  • Plenary speaker, Upwardly Mobile, The Economist Conference, Indonesia Summit, 28 February 2013
  • Mobile Media, Viral Politics, and Participatory Culture, Knight Foundation Conference, Cronkite Theatre, Phoenix, 18 January 2013


  • Bersih Movement: Social Media and Digital Citizenship in Malaysia, The State in Asia: Power, Citizenship, and the Rule of Law,  Leiden, the Netherlands, 12-14 December 2012
  • Keynote: The Cloud and the Ground: Political Activism in the Digital Media Age, International Conference on Communication, University of Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia, 6-7 December 2012
  • Sweeping the Unclean: Contesting Power in Cyberspace and Cityscapes of Malaysia, Global Insurgencies Workshop, ARI NUS, Singapore, 3-4 December 2012
  • Lingering over Lingerie: Engendering ‘Bodies’ through Social Media Networks, NWSA Conference, Oakland, CA, 10 November 2012
  • Keynote: Politics 2.0: Mobilizing Race and Identity in the Age of Social Media, Ray Warren Multicultural Symposium, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR, 7 November 2012.
  • The Politics and Culture of Networked Urban Spaces, Future Cities: Technology, Society, and Agencies of Change, Academia Engelberg, Switzerland, 12-14 September 2012 (cancelled, visa problem)
  • Twitter, Booker, Tuber, and Voter: Social Media and the 2012 Jakarta Gubernatorial Election, Leiden, the Netherlands, 9 August 2012
  • Social Media and Political Activism in Southeast Asia, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, 22 June 2012
  • New Tools for Science Policy, CSPO, Washington DC, 27 March 2012.
  • Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Boston, 21-25 March 2012.
  • Asian Studies Association Conference, Toronto, 15-19 March 2012.
  • Keynote: Social Media Activism: Lessons from the Arab Spring, Democracy in a Changing World ,  Frank Church Symposium on International Affairs,  Pocatello – Idaho, 29 Feb – 2 March 2012.


  • Panel: Can we copy n’ paste a movement?, a public panel on Making Sense the Occupy Wall Street Movements, ASU, Tempe, 30 November 2011.
  • @crossroads: Democratization and Corporatization of Media in Indonesia, Public Seminar, Ford Foundation, Jakarta, 13 October 2011.
  • Revolution 2.0: Internet and Social Movements, Akatiga, Bandung, 11 October 2011.
  • Social Media and Egypt Revolt, Public Lecture, RMIT University, Melbourne, 3 October 2011.
  • Keynote: In Curhat We Unite: Politics and Culture of New Media in Indonesia, Indonesia Update Conference 2011, Australia National University, Canberra, 30 September – 1 October 2011.
  • Seeing Spatially: People, Networks, & Movements in New Media and Urban Spaces,  Asia’s Civil Spheres: New Media, Urban Public Space, Social Movements, ARI – NUS, Singapore, 29-30 September 2011.
  • New Media, Public Spheres and Participatory Culture, Public Lecture, University of Satya Wacana, Salatiga, 23 September 2011.
  • Keynote: Participatory Culture and Political Engagement in Social Media: Lessons from the Arab Spring,  International Conference on Social Media Culture, University of Atmajaya, Yogyakarta, 22 September 2011.
  • Social Media, Youth, and Mass Movements, Public Seminar, University of Gajah Mada, Yogyakarta, 21 September 2011.
  • Successes and Failures of Social Media Activism in Indonesia, The Jasmine Revolution and the ‘Bamboo’ firewall: The impact of the Internet and new social media on political change in Southeast Asia, Center for Asian Democracy, University of Louisville, KY, 24-25 July 2011.
  • Friending Revolution: Social Media and People’s Movements in Egypt and Beyond, How to Ignite, or Quash, a Revolution in 140 Characters or Less, New America Foundation, Washington DC, 13 July 2011.
  • Pharaohs and Facebook: Social Media, Political Activism and Mass Movements in Egypt and Beyond, Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief and Information Technology Workshop, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, 25-26 March 2011.
  • Panel: From Egypt to Wisconsin – Lessons in Organizing from Recent Popular 
Uprisings, National Lawyers Guild* Southwest Regional Conference, College of Law University of Arizona, Tucson, 16 April 2011.
  • Band and Bandwidth: Social Media and the Contest of Power in Indonesia, joint conference of Association of Asian Studies & International Convention of Asian Scholars, Honolulu, 31 March–3 April 2011.
  • Social Media, Cyberactivism, and Revolution in the Middle East – Why Are We Surprised?, University of Hawaii, Manoa, Honolulu, 30 March 2011.
  • Revolution 2.0? Social Media and Political Change in Egypt and Beyond, Arizona State University, 29 March 2011.
  • Flipping Coins: Contesting Power through Cyberactivism, International Studies Association Conference, Montreal, 16-18 March 2011.
  • FaceBook Nation: The Politics and Culture of Social Media in Indonesia, Usindo Speaker Series, Washington DC, 7 March 2011.
  • Kick Andy: Berjaya di Negeri Orang, broadcast in January 2011 (recorded in December 2010) see the interviews below:


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