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[Cartoon] First Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, America!

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[Lim’s lecture] Social Media and Urban Activism from the Arab Spring to Hong Kong

On November 6th, 2014, I delivered the Canada Research Chair public inaugural lecture entitled: “Roots, Routes & Routers: Social Media and Urban Activism from the Arab Spring to Hong Kong”.
I managed to merge the actual recording of my lecture and the slideshow I prepared for and had shown during the lecture. So, here it is (the prezi is accessible through this link, but it’s also embedded below). Click “start prezi” button and then click the  button on the left corner to listen to the audio.
Unlike this light 10 minutes speech of …

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[Lim’s 10-min-speech] A traveling professor

Sometime ago, my university’s Vice Provost asked me to deliver a speech at the Passion for Research luncheon — an annual luncheon to celebrate excellence in research. Without thinking too much I said yes. 

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An Outsized Role for Social Media in the Indonesian Election

An excerpt of my interview with The Asia Digital Life (original link is here)
by: Patrick Sharbaugh (@psharbaugh)
Social media and digital platforms played a massive role in Indonesia’s historic presidential election earlier this month. With the official result still out, I talked to Asian Internet scholar Merlyna Lim about how Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and innovative open-sourced platforms for crowdsourcing election monitoring and the vote count made this election unique.
A few highlights of our conversation:
Of 255 million citizens in Indonesia (which makes it the world’s third largest democracy) there are over 77 million citizens online …

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The New Indonesia

The word democracy literally means governance by the people, where sovereignty is in the hands of the people. This is opposed to such concepts as autocracy or oligarchy, where power is held by individuals and small groups. The 2014 presidential elections differ from previous elections not because of parties and their attributes. The 2014 elections differ, first and foremost, because society has actively participated in the process of carrying it through, to put sovereignty in its rightful position, in the hands of the people. Not only by loudly voicing resistance …

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Vote for Virtue and Wisdom, According to Dead Philosophers

published in Magdalene
Plato once said, “In politics we presume that everyone who knows how to get votes knows how to administer a city or a state. When we are ill…we do not ask for the handsomest physician, or the most eloquent one.”
Shall we argue against Plato? Of course he is correct. But in the ancient Greek where Plato lived there was also no television, let alone social media.

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Objectivity vs Neutrality

[terjemah bahasa indonesia di bawah]
Nobody can be free from bias, but as a scholar I should always exhibit a bias toward objectivity. Being objective has always been the goal.
Objectivity, however, should not be confused with neutrality. One should not hesitate to be partial and in fact it is imperative to be so, if after a careful investigation of the facts one can conclude that truth lies on one side or one simply is a better choice.