Someone got to eat (1)

It was Friday. My addiction to sleeping bore me little space for anything but morning coffee and a thousand hastened pumps on my bike trying to get to the office on time.
As soon as I reached the office, I was relieved that I had the key with me. G, an administration associate that had always been ready to help me in my “typical” moments, no longer works with ASU. It’s not easy to get the master key anymore. I checked my mailbox and was happy to find a reimbursement check there. “I’ll deposit it in the bank later today.”

I started my day well and the morning rolled on smoothly. It was only later in the early afternoon I found my stomach gurgling. “Oh sure, I had nothing but coffee.”

Knowing that it was gonna be a long day, I decided that I needed to have lunch before the next meeting. I thought I’d go to Memorial Union to deposit the check and then get a take-away lunch, but alas I forgot to bring a wallet. I could call ASU friends to borrow some money, but I also forgot to bring my cellphone. In the meantime, I had gotten really hungry!

I decided to go to the bank anyway thinking perhaps I could get some cash yet I realized that no banks here will give you a cash without showing an ID.

So, there I stood in front of three windows at one of on-campus banks. Old lady, not-so-old lady, young man. I went to the third window.

“May I help you maam?”
“Yes. I would like to deposit this check and get $20 cashback.”

“Can I see the check?”
“Yes… but I forgot my wallet, so I got nothing..”

“You got nothing?”
“Nothing, no cards, no ID.”

“Uhm… you got nothing…”
“Yes, but I remember my account number.”

“You do?”
“Yes, I do. It is xxx-xxx-xx.”

“Merlyna Lim” (I nodded) :OK, your check is in… saving or checking?”
“Checking…. can I also get $20 cashback?”

“Uhm… you don’t have any ID”
“Uhm.. err… ya, no ID, but you can ask me any number of my ID, my SSN is xxx-xx-xxxx… my passport is Axxxxx… my ASU..”

“OK…OK”, the young man smiled.
“And the thing is I am really hungry…. really really hungry and I have no money”

“OK, maam, here is your $20. After all, someone got to eat!”, Mike — yes that’s his name — smiled from ear to ear!

Hey yeah, someone got to eat indeed! Another special day, made my shoreline-combo sushi lunch that day tasted special.

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