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Against Pharaohs: Cinematic Timeline of Egypt Popular Protests (2003-2011)

I did a cinematic (and better!) version of the TimeLine I used in my Revolution 2.0? lecture. All data used here is based on my own research. I did all graphic and videographer work, including editing. Music used for this video is from the song entitled “Egypt Revolution” by Yassir El Scarabeuz (featured Omima). Continue reading Against Pharaohs: Cinematic Timeline of Egypt Popular Protests (2003-2011)

[Video-photos] Московское метро — the greatest Metro system in the world

I have many stories from my adventure in the land of midnight sun, but currently I have no energy nor time to write them except this particular one. Cannot help but writing about Московское метро.

Both St Petersburg and Moscow are beautiful. Remarkably beautiful. They are gorgeous! As I mentioned somewhere else, though, these cities, unlike Western European cities, were really designed in inhumane scale aka gigantic scale, a very common style adopted by great (authoritarian) rulers who wanted to make ‘people’ feel small.

Russia really impresses me. The people, food, architecture…. One thing that impress me most is their Metro system. Not only it’s remarkably efficient and well designed, it’s architecture is also impressive, especially the Moscow one.

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On break, ‘breaking’, asleep, music and art — week 4

Last week, the fourth week, wasn’t much about ‘on break’, but mostly about breaking all kind of rules, regulations and barriers! I had to say I had my moments where I temporarily regretted myself for breaking those rules — for example when walking over the bridge and couldn’t continue or when I was stuck with my wheelchair in the alley of airport restroom — but those regrets only lasted 34 seconds each, haha, and after that I went back to my stubborn mode.

Should admit, I am not by-the-book kind of person at all. There’s something so satisfying about breaking. But it doesn’t apply to all kind of breaking rules behaviors. The satisfaction is not related so much to breaking for the sake of breaking. I am pretty much into gaining optimal experience with optimal pleasure. When breaking is necessary to expose me to the richness of life experience, then I’d do it. I also don’t believe that truth lies in rules/regulations. When breaking is necessary to reveal the truth, then I’d do it. And when breaking is a must to reconstruct new meaning, then I’d definitely break. I break and continue to break, when I feel the need to do so. Does it sound horrible?
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Happy Holidays

One very quiet early morning, I had an urge to get my energy and emotion out. So I jumped out of my bed, playing with my gadgets to create a Season’s Greeting video-card for my family and some close friends. I thought they wouldn’t mind if I shared it here…. I want to share not only the video itself but also the joy, happiness, and sentimental feeling I gained by creating this video…. and I share it here as happiness is only real when shared. Enjoy!
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Music and Life

If I had to choose just one thing in my life to keep, then I’d choose music. Music has always been a huge part of my life. The ability to enjoy music and to share it to others is one of the greatest blessings in my life. Echoing Nietzsche, I believe that without music life would be a mistake. In fact, I do think that life is music in itself. Life is like a musical instrument. What comes out of it depends on how you play it. Continue reading Music and Life