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[Publication] Seeing Spatially: People, Networks and Movements in Digital and Urban Spaces

A special issue on “Insurgencies, social media and the public city in Asia” (January 2014) from the International Development Planning Review is just out. It features six fascinating articles from Douglass (on insurgencies & public city in East and Southeast Asia), Padawangi (on Jakarta’s grassroot movement), Pandi (on Hindraf movement), Weiss (on new media activism in Southeast Asia), Zhang & Nyiri (on ‘walled’ activism in China), and myself (on theorization/conceptualization of online-offline spaces in social movement); with an intro from Douglass, Padawangi, & Marolt.


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[Publication] Contesting Alun-Alun: Power relations, identities and the production of urban space in Bandung, Indonesia

Just coming out…..

Lim, M. and Padawangi, R. (2008), ‘Contesting Alun-Alun: Power Relations, Identities, and the Production of Urban Spaces in Bandung Indonesia’ International Development and Planning Review, Vol. 30 (3), pp. 307-326.

After being closed for almost three years, in early 2007, the alun-alun – the main square – in Bandung1 was finally opened to the general public. In front of thousands of people including the Mayor of Bandung, Governor Danny Setiawan opened the square and renamed it Taman Alun-Alun Masjid Raya Bandung Jawa Barat (Main Square Garden of the Grand Mosque of Bandung, West Java). The new alun-alun, as described in the opening speech of the Governor, would be the centre of growth and
development in the city, and is meant to be central to the social, economic and cultural interaction of its people (Disinkom, 2007).
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[Songs + Photos] From Leiden: Craziness, Dog and Meatball

I cannot explain what happened to me when I was in Leiden last week. Perhaps it was the combination of the Dutch weather (it was raining like crazy), my lack of rest, my wild brain, and being with a partner in crime (who requested such crazy music) The result of such combination is the recording of some children songs — sung in a no-shame drunk mode :p

Unfortunately those who didn’t grow up in Indonesia wouldn’t understand the humor behind all of this craziness. But anyway…… please enjoy two of some songs I recorded….. they are about a dog and meatballs…. accompanied with a stolen guitar :p

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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[Video-photos] Московское метро — the greatest Metro system in the world

I have many stories from my adventure in the land of midnight sun, but currently I have no energy nor time to write them except this particular one. Cannot help but writing about Московское метро.

Both St Petersburg and Moscow are beautiful. Remarkably beautiful. They are gorgeous! As I mentioned somewhere else, though, these cities, unlike Western European cities, were really designed in inhumane scale aka gigantic scale, a very common style adopted by great (authoritarian) rulers who wanted to make ‘people’ feel small.

Russia really impresses me. The people, food, architecture…. One thing that impress me most is their Metro system. Not only it’s remarkably efficient and well designed, it’s architecture is also impressive, especially the Moscow one.

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New publication: Globalization, City and Civil Society

It’s been too long, really. More than three years. At last, finally the book from our civic space project is out. I have my chapter there, Chapter 11, about civic spaces in Jakarta. Sadly, the book is too expensive for regular people to buy so only libraries (in developed countries) will have the book. I wish this kind of book can be cheaper. But I am trying to get my e-copy so I can put it online, just like what I have been doing with my other publications. Fingers crossed, I hope to get the file very soon.

update Dec 15, 2007: the chapter is already online here.

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A new course: Globalization and Livable Cities

Next semester, Spring 2008, I’ll be teaching two classes. The first is JUS 394 Information Technology and Social Justice, which I taught last Spring. The new one is JUS 591/691, which is a graduate seminar. I’m excited about this one. It marks my coming back to “physical” space — well, I actually never left it, I have always been in physical space and some of my work on civic spaces too are about it. So, here it is.

Globalization & Livable Cities
Code: JUS 591/691
Type: Graduate Seminar
Professor: Dr. Merlyna Lim
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A new degree: MMF

I guess you all should congratulate me, because I just got a new degree: MMF.

I considered missing one flight and almost missing 2 flights just last month as well as some missing flight experiences in the past as not part of my life, only some things that happened to happen :)

But today, I guess I need to consider that I am qualified for this degree a friend of mine gave: an MMF.

I am sitting now at eXtreme Bean, a coffee shop in Tempe, sipping my morning coffee at 10:53 am, and will soon drive to the Sky Harbor Phoenix airport (only 10-15 minutes from here) to catch my 12:15 pm flight. Now, I will not miss that flight, because I will only have to show at the gate as late as 10 minutes before the schedule.

But this is the third flight scheduled for me :)
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