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[Dayeuhkolot] Being home

There are so many postings I want to share, including some from Utrecht (which became special now! :D), Enschede, Seoul, etc. But the Internet is so impossible from where I am now. I also want to apologize for not being able to blogwalk for such a long time (after the ‘physical break’, I was on the move, and now I am in the no-Internet world..). I’ll visit your blogs as soon as I come back to my ‘normal world’ (as if I have one :p).

For now I just want to share one article I wrote from my bed at my parents’ house.


It’s 4:30 in the morning and I found myself awake. My body gets confused, it doesn’t know in which timezone it should operate. In my last two months I keep finding myself trapped in a wrong timezone, again and again.

Buzzing sounds of big trucks and inter-city buses come and go. Mingling with the sound of adzan aired on dark skies. I am laying down in a guest bedroom of my parents’ house. I lost an old bedroom where I shared with my little sister for more than 15 years when my parents finally got their house renovated two years ago. Renovation did change much. Continue reading [Dayeuhkolot] Being home

[Songs + Photos] From Leiden: Craziness, Dog and Meatball

I cannot explain what happened to me when I was in Leiden last week. Perhaps it was the combination of the Dutch weather (it was raining like crazy), my lack of rest, my wild brain, and being with a partner in crime (who requested such crazy music) The result of such combination is the recording of some children songs — sung in a no-shame drunk mode :p

Unfortunately those who didn’t grow up in Indonesia wouldn’t understand the humor behind all of this craziness. But anyway…… please enjoy two of some songs I recorded….. they are about a dog and meatballs…. accompanied with a stolen guitar :p

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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[Video-photos] Московское метро — the greatest Metro system in the world

I have many stories from my adventure in the land of midnight sun, but currently I have no energy nor time to write them except this particular one. Cannot help but writing about Московское метро.

Both St Petersburg and Moscow are beautiful. Remarkably beautiful. They are gorgeous! As I mentioned somewhere else, though, these cities, unlike Western European cities, were really designed in inhumane scale aka gigantic scale, a very common style adopted by great (authoritarian) rulers who wanted to make ‘people’ feel small.

Russia really impresses me. The people, food, architecture…. One thing that impress me most is their Metro system. Not only it’s remarkably efficient and well designed, it’s architecture is also impressive, especially the Moscow one.

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[Photos] From the City of Peter

Finally got online from Москва́. Just arrived here yesterday evening, so I haven’t seen much of the city yet. For now please enjoy some pictures I took at one evening after the conference at the city of Peter, aka Санкт-Петербу́рг (Saint Petersburg) aka Petrograd aka Leningrad.

Very stylistic and beautiful city, yet it’s obvious that the city wasn’t designed in human scale!

On break, ‘breaking’, asleep, music and art — week 4

Last week, the fourth week, wasn’t much about ‘on break’, but mostly about breaking all kind of rules, regulations and barriers! I had to say I had my moments where I temporarily regretted myself for breaking those rules — for example when walking over the bridge and couldn’t continue or when I was stuck with my wheelchair in the alley of airport restroom — but those regrets only lasted 34 seconds each, haha, and after that I went back to my stubborn mode.

Should admit, I am not by-the-book kind of person at all. There’s something so satisfying about breaking. But it doesn’t apply to all kind of breaking rules behaviors. The satisfaction is not related so much to breaking for the sake of breaking. I am pretty much into gaining optimal experience with optimal pleasure. When breaking is necessary to expose me to the richness of life experience, then I’d do it. I also don’t believe that truth lies in rules/regulations. When breaking is necessary to reveal the truth, then I’d do it. And when breaking is a must to reconstruct new meaning, then I’d definitely break. I break and continue to break, when I feel the need to do so. Does it sound horrible?
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[from Minneapolis] ICT & Empowerment

After Los Angeles, I had another conference trip. This time it was Minneapolis conference on Media and Human Right. Honestly, being drugged all the time didn’t help much in preparing me for the presentation. And for this presentation, I couldn’t recycle from my old powerpoint files. I hadn’t presented this one before.

But anyway, between sleepy and drowsy (biggest chunk of my time in LA and Minnesota was spent for sleeping!) I managed to finish my powerpoint before my turn. In order to hinder me from rambling too much, I decided not to take the painkiller before my panel. So I was kinda in pain. The result was I became a different person. This time my presentation was serious. No usual jokes. I was fast. And perhaps furious :p. Pain kept me awake too. And perhaps it’s good to be ‘different’, since I only had 10 minutes ++ to tell all! Continue reading [from Minneapolis] ICT & Empowerment

Unglobalized bodies

I spent some hours of my weekend planning on the Summer trips. Three months ago, my plan was to split the summer into a long stay in Indonesia to do research and fun and a long stay here in Tempe to write. But two months ago, the whole plan was changed as one rare opportunity to go to a place I’d always wanted to go came. A conference in St Petersburg Russia!!! I cannot and shouldn’t miss it. And it also means that I might stop by Amsterdam the Netherlands as I’ll fly with NWA/KLM — I could always make events in the Netherlands of course. My former professors, colleagues, are friends are there! It means I need to get Russian and Schengen visas. Which means I need to go to LA to apply for a Schengen visa at the Netherlands consulate as they only serve in-person application! Ugh. Continue reading Unglobalized bodies