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Spime, everybody?

Last week, I attended a lecture by Bruce Sterling, a futurist and science-fiction writer. Felt lucky to be there because Sterling was a very insightful, funny, and easy-going person and his (too-short) lecture was so interestingly provocative. Oh ya, this sounds insane, but Sterling came to discuss his book with us just before he got married later that day!!

Sterling is a cyberpunk. He can be paralelled with William Gibson and Rudy Rucker. The lecture was about Sterling latest book, Shaping Things (I haven’t read the book, btw). Continue reading

Portraying technology and ‘us’

Happy Ied greeting from BNI
[thanks to Kere Kemplu for making this image electronically available]

This image is an ad from one national bank in Indonesia, used for the 2005 Ied Mubarak greeting in Indonesia. An image of a family, where sons/daughters are kneeling to ask for forgiveness from the parents is so common during the Ied, the world’s most important Islamic holiday. The image has been used for decades to suggest the importance of ‘forgive each other’ on this holiday. Nothing is so unusual about it. What makes this picture different is Continue reading

Finally, my own domain!

Yes, finally I decided to get merlyna.org three days ago, on Friday, 21 October 2005. Before having this merlyna.org, I play mainly with my ugly geocities site (which is now redirected to this website) and my Blogger blogs, celoteh and travelnotes. Both blogs are still running. I have a plan to move some stuff from there to here, but I definitely will not move the entire posts.

Ok, welcome to my new home and enjoy!