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[JUS 494] Mapping Inequality

The first week of semester is almost passed and I survived the first week class of JUS 494: Science, Technology, and Inequality. I got 30 students filled all seats in my class (max 30) and still have some students emailed me asking for an override. We’ll see whether there’s any student who drop next week or not.

The first week is all about introduction. Introduction to the class, to the syllabus, to the teacher/professor, to the students, to all. Professor-students’ introduction part was quite fun. I got each of students in the class spoken about who she/he is, what she/he likes, and why she/he is in my class — all in less than one minute :). Continue reading [JUS 494] Mapping Inequality

Interview at “dialogue”

During my Australian visit last semester, I did several interviews. One of them is apparently available online.

LL: I’ve had the opportunity to listen to you present at several different venues during your stay in Australia so it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to follow-up with you on some of the issues you’ve raised. Let’s start though at the very beginning – how did you get interested in studying the Internet in Indonesia?

ML: There were four major occasions that led me to do what I am doing now. First, I had always been interested in computers. I used to hang out with some ……..

complete interview is available here: http://dialogue.media-culture.org.au/node/20


Some of you know that I am a Macintosh-ian, using various gadgets marked by a bitten apple. Yeah, I am an apple person, with three apples a day 🙂 I am using MacBook and PowerBook, as well as all of those i-stuff. iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto, iChat, iSight, iPod, and so many other i-s.

I think most of you are familiar with iPod… and some perhaps think of purchasing iPhone. But how many of you have ever heard about iRack? It actually has been around for sometime. Check this video below out to learn about it!

p.s. thanks for YI/DBLW for sharing me the video link 🙂

[youtube AGHty_S0TU0]

My course: JUS 394

Here is a course I’ll teach in Spring 2007 semester.  This is my first course at ASU and actually my first very own course in my life. I’ve been teaching for so many years, but never really “owned” a course before.

All — bloggers and non bloggers, nice persons and not-so nice ones, human and aliens, and others —  is welcome to join the class.

Continue reading My course: JUS 394


Having tried various operating systems, here is my conclusion:

  • Unix is user-friendly. She is just selective about who her friends are.
  • Linux is user-friendly. She is just too shy to make friend with non-geeky users.
  • Macintosh OS is user friendly. It is just not many people know how to be her friends.
  • Windows is a user friendly wannabe. He does it by crashing his friends and feeding them viruses.

Modern tech vs traditional myth?

Can one imagine what possible relationship can emerge between jamu (Indonesian traditional herbal medicine) and cellular-phones? These two objects, jamu and cell-phones, never popped up simultaneously in my mind, until I saw an advertisement posted in Kere Kemplu’s blog (he has a superb, smart and hilarious blog about various socio-cultural issues of Indonesian society). Continue reading Modern tech vs traditional myth?