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[IF] Resolved

Resolved, 2009
my first 2009 sketch. actually a collage. an accidental one.

Second day of 2009, I tried to do my first sketch of 2009. Hopefully this year I will make more sketches than in 2008. I got this one done quickly while watching “Emma” (1996) on my MacBook, having my coffee and breakfast, and thinking over my unfinished paper. In fact, it was a sketch of me having coffee, working, and sketching — the scene, that is. This is how I resolve and get things resolved… by having coffee and laptop with me in the morning (and afternoon and evening and midnight!).

But, ouch! I hated the result. Wanted to throw the sketch away. Continue reading [IF] Resolved

Ode to Clutter

[On Break] My Desk -- "Ode to Clutter"
my desk, sketched in tempe, on september 13th, 2008*)

Clutter, clutter
we adore thee
sign of life and liberty
jumbly-muddly topsy turvy Continue reading Ode to Clutter

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On break, ‘breaking’, asleep, music and art — week 4

Last week, the fourth week, wasn’t much about ‘on break’, but mostly about breaking all kind of rules, regulations and barriers! I had to say I had my moments where I temporarily regretted myself for breaking those rules — for example when walking over the bridge and couldn’t continue or when I was stuck with my wheelchair in the alley of airport restroom — but those regrets only lasted 34 seconds each, haha, and after that I went back to my stubborn mode.

Should admit, I am not by-the-book kind of person at all. There’s something so satisfying about breaking. But it doesn’t apply to all kind of breaking rules behaviors. The satisfaction is not related so much to breaking for the sake of breaking. I am pretty much into gaining optimal experience with optimal pleasure. When breaking is necessary to expose me to the richness of life experience, then I’d do it. I also don’t believe that truth lies in rules/regulations. When breaking is necessary to reveal the truth, then I’d do it. And when breaking is a must to reconstruct new meaning, then I’d definitely break. I break and continue to break, when I feel the need to do so. Does it sound horrible?
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