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[22 Apr 2011 | 25 Comments | 2,807 views]
[Lim’s crap generator] Artist and Words

When I was 16 almost 17, I read Homi Bhabba for the first time. I couldn’t understand him but I thought it was cool to borrow his terms, such as ‘hybridization, mimicry, pseudo-scientific’. Being so young, I read books I couldn’t understand just so I could use some ‘new’ words. I remember using difficult words of Bhabba, Derrida, and alike in my undergrad and early grad years to sound smart and to impress my lecturers (I used Bhabba’s type of neologisms in Theory and Philosophy of Architecture to get A, …

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[2 Nov 2008 | 2 Comments | 1 views]

Again… another weekend rambling. I’m in the midst of finishing an article and packing and preparing travel documents and daydreaming…. so ….this is one of those incoherent thoughts. I actually did a little more coherent writing on Dangdut, but I’ll keep it for later.
In my last posting I might sound like bragging, but, really, it wasn’t the point of my writing (therefore you have to read until the end — thought it was long!). In fact, there, I spoke about ‘talent’ at ease because I do think talent isn’t something …

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[22 Oct 2008 | 13 Comments | 1 views]

I love music. I enjoy listening to and playing it. But, most of times, I play instruments by ears, not by reading music-sheets. I can read notation (for singing, for playing a melody in instruments) but cannot play complex repertoires by sight-reading. I would rather listen to the tune and then play it.
Most of times, I only need to listen to the music once or twice to be able to play it. I can write down the notes by listening to the music.