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[#ThrowbackThursday] Memorable years

‪#‎throwbackThursday‬ ‪#‎Kamisnostalgis‬ (Indonesian translation is below)

Early this year, in a conference where I presented a keynote address, a young researcher approached me and said,”Professor Lim, I’m a fan. I read every single work you have published, including the very old one from a long time ago.” I was flattered but also felt like a 100 year-old professor.

I smiled and said, “Thank you, that’s very nice of you. Oh… the very old one from a long time ago? Was it published in 19th century?” Continue reading [#ThrowbackThursday] Memorable years

[Publication] On blogosphere — Mosaics of Global-Local Discourses

There are two new articles coming out recently. One is from my relatively new blogosphere research where I compared Iranian and Indonesian blogosphere and the other is an article that I finished long time ago and it’s been delayed at the publisher/editor, even though my article was fully accepted with zero revision. The second article is on meta-narrative, which is conceptually still valid and will retain its currency at any moment even though the cases were past time.

Here is an excerpt and a link to my latest article, the first one I mentioned above: Continue reading [Publication] On blogosphere — Mosaics of Global-Local Discourses

Networked Publics — Politics

Yesterday I got a book in my mailbox. Entitled “Networked Publics“, the book is a result of the collaboration of 13 scholars, including me, at the Annenberg Center for Communication of University of Southern California. My contribution is the chapter on politics.

The book itself is available for purchase from Amazon.com.

Networked Publics
# Hardcover: 176 pages
# Publisher: The MIT Press (October 31, 2008)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0262220857
# ISBN-13: 978-0262220859
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[Tips] Writing Op-Ed (Part 1)

Last Monday, Kevin Finneran, Editor in-Chief of Issues in Science and Technology, came to where I work (CSPO ASU) to give a workshop on how to write op-ed. It was a useful and enjoyable one-hour-and-half workshop.

Here are some tips from him as copied from my notes… plus some pics from google!


Ten worst role models for writing op-ed (for general audience) Continue reading [Tips] Writing Op-Ed (Part 1)

Publish & share, & ye shall not perish!

Since 2003 I no longer submitted any abstracts/proposals to any regular conferences, except if there’s a bigger purpose to attend besides the conference itself. I got tired with big conferences where everything is too big and vague, with too many parallel sessions. My first year of PhD studies, I still sent abstracts to compete for an acceptance though I only attended when funded. Later on, still during my grad student era, as soon as I published articles internationally, I started getting invitations to speak, which of course came with funding. And like a never-ending miracle, invitations keep coming. Weird, isn’t it? Think about it…. I never understand why I could be that lucky.
Continue reading Publish & share, & ye shall not perish!

1st Day of Spring Semester: head and book

Today is the first day of Spring Semester. I am excited to start my semester, however, my body is still in a different timezone. During the break, I went to bed at around 4 — 5 am. And started my day in the afternoon, as if I lived in Auckland or Casablanca or anywhere in the world with GMT +11 or GMT +12. Unfortunately, I live in GMT -7!
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New publication: Globalization, City and Civil Society

It’s been too long, really. More than three years. At last, finally the book from our civic space project is out. I have my chapter there, Chapter 11, about civic spaces in Jakarta. Sadly, the book is too expensive for regular people to buy so only libraries (in developed countries) will have the book. I wish this kind of book can be cheaper. But I am trying to get my e-copy so I can put it online, just like what I have been doing with my other publications. Fingers crossed, I hope to get the file very soon.

update Dec 15, 2007: the chapter is already online here.

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Asia.Com: Asia Encounters the Internet

In the book reviews section on its September edition, Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies (RCCS) of the Department of Communication at the University of Washington published two reviews on the book entited Asia.Com: Asia Encounters the Internet. This book was published in 2003 by Routledge and edited by KC Ho, Randy Kluver, and CC Yang, and I contributed one chapter entitled “From Cyber to Virtual (and back again): Public Sphere, Civil Society and the Internet in Indonesia”. Continue reading Asia.Com: Asia Encounters the Internet

Handbook for bloggers & cyberdissidents

Reporters Without Borders or Reporters sans frontières has just released a handbook for bloggers and cyberdissidents who want to protect themselves from recrimination, censors and surveillance. The handbook, partly funded by French government, is meant help cyberactivists with handy tips and technical advice on how to get round censorship and surveillance by strategizing the uses of blogs for various situations. Continue reading Handbook for bloggers & cyberdissidents