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“Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.” Jane Austen

I always wonder why many people love to say “I am busy.” Almost none of my colleagues say that they are not busy. Among Indonesian fellows here — even those who don’t have regular jobs — I hear ‘busy’ word too often.

I actually often have people told me that I am busy. Or people assume that I am busy. Guess because it’s not easy to find me without appointment. Mostly because I travel a lot therefore being disappeared too often, don’t come to office often, rarely answer my cellphone (because I rarely remember to bring it) –though it’s very easy to reach me, just email me! To them, I sometime respond,”Oh, am I?” Continue reading Busy?

Ode to Clutter

[On Break] My Desk -- "Ode to Clutter"
my desk, sketched in tempe, on september 13th, 2008*)

Clutter, clutter
we adore thee
sign of life and liberty
jumbly-muddly topsy turvy Continue reading Ode to Clutter

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Dream of Flying

When I was little, I always dreamed of flying. I wanted to see the earth from above. I dreamed of seeing the cloud closely. I read that book Around the World in 80 Days and thought that someday I’d fly around the world, too. Of course, just like most lower class Indonesians, I didn’t have a chance to fly when I was a kid. I flew for the first time in 1996, for free. My second one, also paid by someone else, was in 1997,  and nothing happened in 1998. My academic flight started in 1999, with a trip to Taiwan funded by TungHai University — that was my first academic trip. Then second one was in summer 2000 with a trip funded by the National University of Singapore, to Singapore of course. I came there as the youngest conference presenter. I was so happy! Little did I know that I’d speak at conferences regularly after that.

2001 marked the beginning of my academic jet-setting, with the first big trip across more than one-third of the globe to the Netherlands. And since then, I’ve been flying for free for more than 160 times! (Yes, I tried to count it — in August 2007, it was 157 times, but perhaps I missed some flights). Continue reading Dream of Flying

blogito, ergo sum

Sometime ago, commenting in someone’s blog to answer a question ‘why i blog?’, i wrote ‘i blog to exist’. Does that sound that I was making a joke? No way, Jose.

Of course I exist even when I do not blog. I have a physical body. People can see me, they can touch me. But existence is a relative thing. Your existence isn’t something that is always related to your material/physical being. Continue reading blogito, ergo sum

Alternative Imaginations: Non-ness without Nonsense

Can we talk about non-ness without nonsense?
Can you be nonscientific and yet be rational?
Can you be rational and non-utilitarian?
Is there intellectual space for non-evidential knowledge?
Can technology close intellectual space for alternatives to technology?
Can we open a self-sustaining space for interactions of systems of knowledge?
Can story-tellers capture reality better than scientists?
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…after finished writing my previous posting on “Changing” (hey, go read it before reading this one, yes, you… go!!) I was contemplating a bit about ‘change’… so here is my unorganized thoughts on it…. and yes, also showing my usual attempts to create not-so-inspiring quotes on “change”….. enjoy! or unenjoy!

Many people make changes because they want something better, something more meaningful. But the problem is life itself is constantly changing and might as well the meaning, purposes, and goals of life are changing too. So, in the end, “you have to constantly change your change!” As for me, “every time I find a meaning of life, somebody changes it!”
Continue reading Change

Successful and meaningful life

There are many successful people in the world — though not as many as those who are unsuccessful :D. A successful politician, a successful writer, a successful artist, a successful CEO, et cetera et cetera. Most of these people are labeled successful because either they have become famous for what they do or who they are, they have become super rich, they work is highly recognized, and they have reached highly acclaimed status in their professions — in either international, regional, national, or sub-national level. Usually we don’t really asses whether they are happy or not and whether they think their lives are meaningful or not. Indeed, it’s difficult anyway to asses such intangible aspects.
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It’s Independence Day! Or is it?

Sixty two years ago, the so-called founding fathers of the Republic Indonesia, Soekarno and Hatta, declared the Independence of the country. And since then, in each calendar of Indonesian household, August 17th is marked as the most important national day.

Surely, it’s true that Indonesia has been independent for 62 years. The history books say it all. Indonesians have celebrated it 61 times. The flag, the ceremony, the fiesta, all always mark the celebration. And the national anthem, Indonesia Raya, is sung gloriously (three stanzas?). Yes, Indonesians do celebrate the Independence day.

But is it really independence day? Continue reading It’s Independence Day! Or is it?

10 reasons to go to grad school

The commencement is around the corner and you still don’t know where to go? Perhaps it’s a little late to apply, but grad school is one of great paths to go.

These are 10 of 79 reasons why I went to grad school!

0. get funded to think, write verbose essays, and intimately debate about God, science, insanity, sex, politics, cow and democracy with your cohort!

1. build a path to a well-respected career where you’re paid for speaking nonsense

2. chances to travel around the world without spending any pennies
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