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Dis-Internet-ing the Day

Yesterday I woke up early. No time to check my email, going to a symposium at UCLA campus in a big hurry. I brought my laptop with me, hoping to be able to get hooked to the Internet at the symposium. Yeah, I get so used to all kind of conferences and seminars of Internet/IT/ICT researchers where, usually, wireless Internet is provided and most participants are listening to speakers with laptops on their laps. Continue reading Dis-Internet-ing the Day


It was only 17 hours (including 8.5 hours sleeping), but it felt so torturous for me. For unknown reason, my home Internet was disconnected. I spent my whole evening being nervous, bored, did know what to do with my time. Silly, but I felt lost. I couldn’t work. I didn’t enjoy watching TV.

Too much dependency? Addiction? Ah, yes. It’s been almost 10 years. No cure. Too late.