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Dis-Internet-ing the Day

Yesterday I woke up early. No time to check my email, going to a symposium at UCLA campus in a big hurry. I brought my laptop with me, hoping to be able to get hooked to the Internet at the symposium. Yeah, I get so used to all kind of conferences and seminars of Internet/IT/ICT researchers where, usually, wireless Internet is provided and most participants are listening to speakers with laptops on their laps. Continue reading


It was only 17 hours (including 8.5 hours sleeping), but it felt so torturous for me. For unknown reason, my home Internet was disconnected. I spent my whole evening being nervous, bored, did know what to do with my time. Silly, but I felt lost. I couldn’t work. I didn’t enjoy watching TV.

Too much dependency? Addiction? Ah, yes. It’s been almost 10 years. No cure. Too late.