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[More Quotes] On work, busy, and love etc

Bad me, I haven’t really spent much time and energy to really blog. So what I’ve been doing so far is writing/creating some quotes (as my FB status)…. I can imagine some people get it, some don’t. It’s OK, these are not ‘mainstream’ quotes. Just remember those who laugh last usually don’t really get the jokes, hehehe. Continue reading [More Quotes] On work, busy, and love etc


“Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.” Jane Austen

I always wonder why many people love to say “I am busy.” Almost none of my colleagues say that they are not busy. Among Indonesian fellows here — even those who don’t have regular jobs — I hear ‘busy’ word too often.

I actually often have people told me that I am busy. Or people assume that I am busy. Guess because it’s not easy to find me without appointment. Mostly because I travel a lot therefore being disappeared too often, don’t come to office often, rarely answer my cellphone (because I rarely remember to bring it) –though it’s very easy to reach me, just email me! To them, I sometime respond,”Oh, am I?” Continue reading Busy?

Free Burma! — Cat got ASEAN tongue

Free Burma!

Today is the day where bloggers all over the world are urged to post one blog entry for Burma. The day is almost over and I am still puzzled on how to write my thoughts down. Not that I don’t have anything to write. I have some issues to write, but am really confused on where to begin and how to write everything down. Mostly, because I don’t know whether I would contribute anything to the current discourse. But anyway, here I am trying to write something.
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JUS 394 IT & Social Justice — syllabus online

I have started teaching my first ASU course, JUS 394 Information Technology and Social Justice — beyond First World discourses, on January 16th. Since there were many requests to put the syllabus online — besides, I always want to make my teaching and research material available to general public anyway —   I put it online here . Apology, some of the readings aren't available for general public, they are only accessible for registered students. Hope to finally get everything accessible someday. Just remind me 🙂

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Tuesday US Election 2006: A historical day?

It was a big day in the United States, yesterday. It was the Election Day where Americans voted for the Senates, Congressmen, & Governors as well as some state's props. It is, however, more than just a big day, but a historical day. Yesterday was a turning point in the history, where Democrats won big time and took over the house (Yayyy!!!). Kudos for Nancy Pelosi for becoming the first woman to serve as speaker of the House!! And there's still a little hope that Dems even may take over the Senates. Fingers crossed for Webb in Virginia and Tester in Montana.

(update1: Tester won! Webb vs Allen in Virginia : slim margin, Allen might go for recount)

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