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May your 2012 …

The blog hasn’t been updated for sometime… as its blogger has been ‘on leave’ (from typing;p). But this is the first day of 2012, so she comes back temporarily. Here is one blog post for the readers….


May you find the food yummier, the air cleaner, the environment less abused, the cost much cheaper, the neighborhood safer, the bed cozier, and your home homier than ever.  Continue reading May your 2012 …

[Lim’s crap generator] Artist and Words

When I was 16 almost 17, I read Homi Bhabba for the first time. I couldn’t understand him but I thought it was cool to borrow his terms, such as ‘hybridization, mimicry, pseudo-scientific’. Being so young, I read books I couldn’t understand just so I could use some ‘new’ words. I remember using difficult words of Bhabba, Derrida, and alike in my undergrad and early grad years to sound smart and to impress my lecturers (I used Bhabba’s type of neologisms in Theory and Philosophy of Architecture to get A, haha)

Later in my life, though, while still appreciating their works, I got tired of those who write with obscure language full of neologism, jargons and buzzwords. Not that everybody should write in the common language of the common person, but I believe in the clearness of words and sentences. I believe that great authors are those who can provide “clarity” that synthesizes complexity, not those who like to complicate complexity.

Recently, unexpectedly I was asked to provide an artist statement. I wrote many research or teaching statements as a scholar, but I never wrote a statement as an artist. Continue reading [Lim’s crap generator] Artist and Words

Being tenured/fired

I want to write about so many things. About the soon-to-be-formalized pornographic bill, about the US election, about the 3 dollar package that killed more than twenty people in Indonesia… ah about so many things. But, as always, not enough time/energy, and then last Sunday (yesterday) I squeezed my left hand between headboard and bedframe while fixing the bed set (ouch, that’s perhaps one of the most talented parts of my body) so now I have difficulties typing. So I’ll just write something short, unimportant though.

I am on a tenure-track and supposed to go for tenure and promotion in about 4 years from now, according to the US university system. So, still long way to go. Continue reading Being tenured/fired

[Songs + Photos] From Leiden: Craziness, Dog and Meatball

I cannot explain what happened to me when I was in Leiden last week. Perhaps it was the combination of the Dutch weather (it was raining like crazy), my lack of rest, my wild brain, and being with a partner in crime (who requested such crazy music) The result of such combination is the recording of some children songs — sung in a no-shame drunk mode :p

Unfortunately those who didn’t grow up in Indonesia wouldn’t understand the humor behind all of this craziness. But anyway…… please enjoy two of some songs I recorded….. they are about a dog and meatballs…. accompanied with a stolen guitar :p

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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…after finished writing my previous posting on “Changing” (hey, go read it before reading this one, yes, you… go!!) I was contemplating a bit about ‘change’… so here is my unorganized thoughts on it…. and yes, also showing my usual attempts to create not-so-inspiring quotes on “change”….. enjoy! or unenjoy!

Many people make changes because they want something better, something more meaningful. But the problem is life itself is constantly changing and might as well the meaning, purposes, and goals of life are changing too. So, in the end, “you have to constantly change your change!” As for me, “every time I find a meaning of life, somebody changes it!”
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