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Hybridity in the Architecture of Colonial Presence

Commemorating Henri Maclaine Pont (born 121 years ago this month), a Dutch architect known for his hybrid architecture combining traditional elements—decorations and constructions—with colonial (Dutch/European) wood and brick architecture, draws us to enter a discourse on the colonial presence as being manifested in one of major corporeal dimensions of society, architecture, especially that of hybrid, hybridity, and hybridization.

What is hybridization?(more…)

Jane Jacobs: a radical thinker, writer and activist in urban studies

One of my heroes of all time, Jane Jacobs, died on April 25, in Toronto. She was known as a writer and activist who condemned urban-renewal efforts for devastating inner-city neighborhoods, exemplified by her battle for the future of New York against Robert Moses . Jane Jacobs, who had an initial reputation as being radical, was also a very influential thinker on city planning. Continue reading Jane Jacobs: a radical thinker, writer and activist in urban studies

Modern tech vs traditional myth?

Can one imagine what possible relationship can emerge between jamu (Indonesian traditional herbal medicine) and cellular-phones? These two objects, jamu and cell-phones, never popped up simultaneously in my mind, until I saw an advertisement posted in Kere Kemplu’s blog (he has a superb, smart and hilarious blog about various socio-cultural issues of Indonesian society). Continue reading Modern tech vs traditional myth?

Language Twist: Mabaho Ng Kilikili Ko!

When I was in Manila, I did adapt the way Pinoys craft the sentence. One of some examples is by inserting “diba” at the end of many statements to form tag questions, such as “She is beautiful, diba?” (isn’t she?) or “You don’t mind, diba?” (do you?). Other examples are using the word “nalang” instead of “just” or “only” and ending the sentences by the word “lang” (like “lah” in Singaporean-English). Continue reading Language Twist: Mabaho Ng Kilikili Ko!