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Misc. Monday {Seven 0.3}

Misc. Monday {Seven 0.3}

Day 3 of Seven: Draw Your Days!

sipping a morning coffee. a doc visit. working on my blog paper. reading grad students’ papers. picking up a dress. getting a happy email-news. munching a rangginang (rice cracker snack) from cimahi. meeting an old friend from jakarta.


notes on participatory culture (2)

Social networking platforms have turned interactivity between individuals into relational and relational into participation. Through this participation, not by formalized membership, community is formed.

Using blogs and social network sites such as Facebook, the Seven initiator called individuals not to only ‘join’ and ‘perform’ but to socially construct a collective performance and expression of art. Here, individual ‘perform’ not by displaying their identities/profiles, but by stitching their identities together into the ‘public art space’ and negotiate their individual expression with the collective identity (theme: Seven).

Lazy Sunday {Seven 0.2}

Here is another work submitted to “Seven: Draw Your Days!”

Lazy Sunday {Seven 0.2}

morning coffee with bailey and kahlua. squid bean sprout rice for lunch. having ears pierced after waiting for 15 years. some quiet night with two instruments. another lazy Sunday.


notes on participatory culture (1):
As mentioned earlier, as a new media researcher, I thought it’s important to occasionally be engaged in a sort of activities emerged in new media sphere, in addition to observing/researching what’s happening. That’s why I am blogging and (now) participating in some activities such as Seven: Draw Your Day.

Participatory culture, wikipedia defines it as “a neologism in reference of, but opposite to a Consumer culture — in other words a culture in which private persons (the public) do not act as consumers only, but also as contributors or producers (prosumers).

[to be continued]

[Publication] Contesting Alun-Alun: Power relations, identities and the production of urban space in Bandung, Indonesia

Just coming out…..

Lim, M. and Padawangi, R. (2008), ‘Contesting Alun-Alun: Power Relations, Identities, and the Production of Urban Spaces in Bandung Indonesia’ International Development and Planning Review, Vol. 30 (3), pp. 307-326.

After being closed for almost three years, in early 2007, the alun-alun – the main square – in Bandung1 was finally opened to the general public. In front of thousands of people including the Mayor of Bandung, Governor Danny Setiawan opened the square and renamed it Taman Alun-Alun Masjid Raya Bandung Jawa Barat (Main Square Garden of the Grand Mosque of Bandung, West Java). The new alun-alun, as described in the opening speech of the Governor, would be the centre of growth and
development in the city, and is meant to be central to the social, economic and cultural interaction of its people (Disinkom, 2007).
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