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[Seminar] Alternative Imaginations: Honoring the Role of Traditional Knowledge

Alternative Imaginations (AI), a new research cluster I established with some colleagues at Arizona State University, invite you to our first seminar.

Alternative Imaginations – a project of the Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes

Rethinking Knowledge Systems
seminar series
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Dream of Flying

When I was little, I always dreamed of flying. I wanted to see the earth from above. I dreamed of seeing the cloud closely. I read that book Around the World in 80 Days and thought that someday I’d fly around the world, too. Of course, just like most lower class Indonesians, I didn’t have a chance to fly when I was a kid. I flew for the first time in 1996, for free. My second one, also paid by someone else, was in 1997,  and nothing happened in 1998. My academic flight started in 1999, with a trip to Taiwan funded by TungHai University — that was my first academic trip. Then second one was in summer 2000 with a trip funded by the National University of Singapore, to Singapore of course. I came there as the youngest conference presenter. I was so happy! Little did I know that I’d speak at conferences regularly after that.

2001 marked the beginning of my academic jet-setting, with the first big trip across more than one-third of the globe to the Netherlands. And since then, I’ve been flying for free for more than 160 times! (Yes, I tried to count it — in August 2007, it was 157 times, but perhaps I missed some flights). Continue reading Dream of Flying

Alternative Imaginations: Non-ness without Nonsense

Can we talk about non-ness without nonsense?
Can you be nonscientific and yet be rational?
Can you be rational and non-utilitarian?
Is there intellectual space for non-evidential knowledge?
Can technology close intellectual space for alternatives to technology?
Can we open a self-sustaining space for interactions of systems of knowledge?
Can story-tellers capture reality better than scientists?
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