My being a scholar takes me places. It gives me opportunities to meet people in various places. To be in most beautiful places in the world. To get to know men and women with wonderful hearts. To see beautiful faces of many children. To learn to give and to be given. To love and be loved in return.

My scholarly life also gives me space and time to reflect. To contemplate and observe. To record. To doodle. To sketch. To capture the essence of a moment, a scene, or a building on a blank page of my sketchbook. To experience places and savoring the experience.

After more than 5 years, I have sketched more than a hundred places/spots in the world. It feels good to share them. But it’s greater to transform them into something more meaningful. For this reason, I started Sketch4Ed.

Sketch4Ed — sketching for education is a movement to support education of disadvantaged children, presently in Indonesia, and hopefully in other places in the world, later.

As part of Sketch4Ed I set up this Sketch4Ed shop where you can buy postcards and prints of my sketches. Profits from these sales will go to Sketch4Ed. Sketch4Ed distributes the fund to various neglected orphanages and elementary schools — that are in poor condition and almost never get any significant donation.

Go get your art and support disadvantaged kids’ education!

Thank you.


Merlyna Lim, Artist statement

“I see my work of art as a lens through which one can see how moments, memories and stories are stored adn preserved. I sketch and draw as a way of locking images and experiences in my memory as well as expressing my own personal feelings and emotions toward the subjects. Travel-sketching, my major art-interest lately, not only helps preserves memories, but also enhances the quality of experience and transforms how places and moments are being experienced and savored. I draw from actual life using primary sources because there is more truth in that. In the series of travel sketches, I draw from my immediate surrounding where objects are depicted in their true representations as well as liberated through free, loose and sometimes wild lines and perspectives. Through my work, I wish to bring the narratives of moments and places closer to the audience and given them space to insert their own stories and interpretations.”

My shop at Etsy

My gallery of sketches

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