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JUS494: Science, Technology & InEqualities

This course aims to introduce some conceptual and theoretical framework as well as provide empirical data that contribute to the understanding that science and technology are instrumental to the creation and maintenance of inequality within and between societies.

The starting point in this course is that science and technology do not merely cause or alleviate inequality but are more profoundly implicated in social relations to distribution and access. The more pervasive and obdurate sources of social distribution are enshrined and entrenched in the science and technology systems.

Inequality is the unequal distribution of something people value, such as income, health, or power. In this course, the term distribution is used in its dynamic meaning which refers to the process of producing and re-producing inequalities. The course is concerned with the roles that science and technology play in those processes and ways in which one can intervene to generate less unequal outcomes.

The whole course aims to provide students with some understandings on the processes that contribute to the increase inequalities through the role of Science and Technology.

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