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The Internet & Society

New Media, ICT, and Society

Research on the mutual shaping of the new media and information and communication technology (ICT), particularly the Internet, and society — looking from political and cultural perspectives.

Projects under this program:

Blogtrackers: Analyzing Social Media for Cultural Modeling  (Summer 2009 – 2012), in collaboration with School of Computer Science at ASU.

Advancing Public Media Interest in Indonesia – Thinktank Project (2009-2012), funded by Ford Foundation

Social Computing NSF project (pending): Collective Action & Computational Social Network Analysis for Social Media

The Internet and religious identity (2004-2005 and continued 2007-2008), individual research
Socio-political history of the Internet in Indonesia (2003-2005 and continued 2006-…), individual research
The blogosphere and local-global narratives (2007-2009), case studies: Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Morocco (with a grad student: Rebecca Robinson)
Cyberactivism in Southeast Asia (2006-2007), in collaboration with local researchers

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