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Globalization and Sustainable/livable cities Pacific Asia

Research on how globalization takes places in cities and how cities embody and reflect globalization and how this dynamic relationship has impacted cities’ sustainability and livability.

By studying dynamics of cities this research attempt to reveal the continuing importance of cities and urban agglomerations in the global flows of investment, commodities, labor, information and corporate decision-making.

Focusing on Pacific Asian countries, this research attempts to address several key issues: the livability of cities under conditions of rapid and uneven urbanization, spatiality of social injustice/inequalities in cities, spatial relations within and among cities due to economic restructuring and technological change and, the social, political and cultural life of cities as they become globally networked.

Projects under this program:
Cyber-civic space in Indonesia (2003-2004), individual research
Civic spaces and civil society in Indonesian cities (2005-2007), individual research
Livability and placemaking in Southeast Asia (2007-…), in collaboration with the Globalization Research Center
Nano and the City (2010-2015), CNS/CSPO collaborative project (with Phoenix Urban Lab, Design Theatre, and some other institutions at ASU)

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