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Glimpses of the Past: Ohio

Downtown Athens, Ohio

A month ago, I found two sketches from eight years ago. They were finished but uncolored. I took a little time of my evening brushing them with some watercolor. The above sketch is from the Court Street of downtown Athens, Ohio. And the one below is of the Baker Center of Ohio University at Athens.

It gave me a sentimental feeling to look at these sketches. Continue reading Glimpses of the Past: Ohio

Capturing the moments 0.0

Have so many ideas for this blog, but between laziness, messiness, and too-many-things-to-be-done, nothing got executed here. So I decided to just put some ready-to-use materials for some next entries.

Through these entries I’ll invite you to travel to some places through some images and little stories I captured during my trip in Europe. Continue reading Capturing the moments 0.0

Traveling, be back, and more (twisted fb) status

Hello there,

I know I know, my bad…. don’t remind me that it’s been ages since my last entry. Oh well, my last three months have been quite a journey — literally! Yes, 58 days out of town (out of country), traveling in more than 20 cities, mostly in Europe, and then came back to Tempe just to find myself staring at the piles of things to be done (and it doesn’t help that after a week I still am a lazy bone!).

Traveling is, as always, a great experience and this time it’s particularly wonderful. It’s one of the greatest trips I have. And I do look forward to have more and greater ones! Traveling might not change someone to be a better person, but at least encountering various cultures, languages, customs that are different that yours is an enriching experience that (consciously/unconsciously) influences your mindset (positively).
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[Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne] In-flight entertainment

Not much to tell about my flight from KL to Melbourne. Well, actually I almost missed my flight to KL because some crazy things that happened at the airport. We queued for nearly 1.5 hours to check-in. I queued with a British young guy who got heavily hang over and broke! He didn’t even have money to buy water. I guess I saved his life (exaggerating, of course!) by giving my bottle water.

But I just almost missed the flight. I didn’t miss the flight. So things went well.

It was nearly 8 hours flight. Just two hours before we landed Continue reading [Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne] In-flight entertainment

[Kuala Lumpur] Random (un)important notes on things

Still about language. After being ‘questioned’ in three languages (where none was mine!) in 15 minutes, I tried to guess what language would be used by Malaysian Airline crews to speak with me. I observed that the crews spoke in English to Caucasians (white) or those who looked Caucasians, Chinese to those with (East) Asian look (straight black hair, slanted eyes, yellow (?) skin), and Malay to those who were browny. It was my turn….. “What language would appear?” Malaysian Air staff looked at me. He asked, “Boarding pass?” I answered without word. Just smiled while showing my pass to him. Continue reading [Kuala Lumpur] Random (un)important notes on things

[Kuala Lumpur] Puzzle of Lim

10:19 am, the Grand Ballroom of Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur

I’m sitting down quietly at the Sixth East Asia Conference held by the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia. Listening….. to what? Perhaps to the blurring bits coming from out and inside of my head.

As one of the role players (that’s the term the host used to call speakers and moderators), I am sitting down on the first row. Next to me are Mrs Malayvieng Sakonhninhom, the Acting Director General of the Institute of Foreign Affairs of the Laos Government, and HRH Prince Norodom Sirivudh, the Supreme Privy Counselor to His Majesty the King of Cambodia. Wow, powerful people…. Scary, huh?

A question is popping out my head. Why am I here? Continue reading [Kuala Lumpur] Puzzle of Lim