[Publication] Seeing Spatially: People, Networks and Movements in Digital and Urban Spaces

A special issue on “Insurgencies, social media and the public city in Asia” (January 2014) from the International Development Planning Review is just out. It features six fascinating articles from Douglass (on insurgencies & public city in East and Southeast Asia), Padawangi (on Jakarta’s grassroot movement), Pandi (on Hindraf movement), Weiss (on new media activism in Southeast Asia), Zhang & Nyiri (on ‘walled’ activism in China), and myself (on theorization/conceptualization of online-offline spaces in social movement); with an intro from Douglass, Padawangi, & Marolt.


My article is entitled “Seeing Spatially: People, Networks and Movements in Digital and Urban Spaces“. As summarized in the abstract below, this is not a country case paper nor a case study paper. This is a theoretical/conceptual work that is derived from various empirical cases globally.

This article can be downloaded from: https://liverpool.metapress.com/content/768027061u40q56u/resource-secured/?target=fulltext.pdf  — those with institutional subscription, please download through this link.

But if you don’t have any subscription, you can download it from academia.edu.


Lim, M. (2014) Seeing Spatially: People, Networks and Movements in Digital and Urban Spaces, International Development and Planning Review, 36(1): 51-72. more


Recent social movements have been figuratively and digitally ignited in digital media and yet these movements took form, materialised and claimed power in urban public spaces. Digital media and physical urban spaces have become interdependent dimensions of social movements. Together, they can provide ‘spaces’ for people to socially interact for the establishment of human agency and the expansion of social networks of the movements. By reading social movements spatially, this article offers to conceptualise the dialectical interplay between digital media and physical urban spaces in the making of contemporary social movements.

3 thoughts on “[Publication] Seeing Spatially: People, Networks and Movements in Digital and Urban Spaces”

  1. Hi Dr Merlyna,

    Prior to, thanks for the article which is very insightful for my PhD research! Really appreciate that.

    Currently I am undertaking a research on the Back to Babakan Siliwangi Struggle in Bandung where a Twitter had been progressively used to spread the political messages to public. Inspired with your global geotagging (page 68 of this article), I’d like to develop such visualisation for my research. What tools and methods did you devise? Thank you in advance. -Meredian.


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