[Presentation] Framing Tunisian Revolt

Please find below the slideshow of my presentation at the International Communication Association conference in Phoenix, May 26th, 2012.

I realize that the slideshow itself is very visual and has very little explanation, so it’s impossible to understand/know what I was talking about by just looking at it.

I’ll share the content of my presentation later once  once the paper is published.

To summarize, the paper explores and analyzes the significance of contemporary media ecology (includes big and small media, old and new, mainstream & ‘social’ media, national-transnational-global media) in to the establishment of social movement (Arab uprisings in general, Tunis revolt in particular).  New practices of media activism –‘networked participatory journalism’ — had facilitated the engagement and participation of diverse publics, contributing to the widening of political opportunities and the capacity to solve/deal with political constrains. Such participatory journalism assisted activists in expanding the networks,  diffusing the  contention, and mobilizing larger audience. Particular attention is given to the role of framing (narrative and identity) and how this contributed to the successful mobilization.

2 thoughts on “[Presentation] Framing Tunisian Revolt”

  1. Halo ibu mer,
    Saat ini saya sedang menyusun tesis revolusi arab dan cybermedia. Kalau ibu berkenan membagi tulisannya sebagai bahan referensi tulisan saya.terima kasih.


    mer Reply:

    semua tulisan saya bisa didownload di publication page di sini (atau di google saja).


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