@crossroads: Democratization & Corporatization of Media in Indonesia

As part of my work with the Ford Foundation, I wrote this essay/report: @crossroads: Democratization and Corporatization of Media in Indonesia. The title says it all. If you want to know more, you can download it here.

And below is the presentation I gave on the same topic at the Ford Foundation office in Jakarta.

5 thoughts on “@crossroads: Democratization & Corporatization of Media in Indonesia”

  1. Great presentation Thank you !
    Numbersover the years part of trend of reality. I do hope that most consumers are very good in understanding numbers/ math/ science.
    In the US (now?), the most important number on TV news is unemployment.
    I am not sure if Media / TV in Indonesia willing to expose the percentage of unemployment.
    ( Seems that popular culture is more popular than unemplyoment)
    I am not sure if higher number in TV watching time is also represent lower number in Human Resources’ Productivity. Tiger Parenting might prevent kids to watch TV for too long.

    But as usual I am confuse – if Corporatization means better productivity?


    mlim Reply:

    Thank you.
    About the answer to your question: I think you need to read my work to know what I think about corporatization. Certainly I don’t say anything about better productivity.


  2. Thank you, and I am sorry that I just mis-interpreted some of your slides’ numbers about trend in TV viewer without reading your paper, and tried to tweak the discussion into ‘Occupy the Profit oriented Media Movement’ 🙂

    I think any community-development activist (including professors & researchers 🙂 need to use ‘corporatized media’ and develop sustainable relationship with their ‘fans’/ contributors/ supporter.
    It is interesting how corporation use social media,

    If democratic activist use the Social Media in better ways, Online Social Justice movement won’t died quickly, since there are 99% of population who want more justice


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