8 thoughts on “[Talk] Collapsing & Converging: Bridging Participatory Culture & Civic Engagement in Indonesia”

  1. mba mer,

    aku rada bingung dengan istilah collapsing. apakah yang terjadi adalah media komunitas (radio komunitas) nya yang collaps lalu terjadi converging? atau apa?

    mohon penjelasan ya mba?


  2. ambar: yang “collapsed” bukan media-nya, tapi batas2 kelompok sosial dan batas2 dimensi budaya popular & interaksi sosial dengan partisipasi sosio-politikal.


  3. Did Diego surrender to you? I guess it did (Hey, wait a minute. It’s March the 15th. Maybe it is not over yet).

    Anyhow, thanks a lot for sharing (again). I make myself believe I got the drift of your presentation. And I love it. But missing your personal performance leaves me a half wit only at best on the subject.


  4. according to :

    http://crackberry. com/blackberry- goes-viral- indonesia
    “Indosat made it pretty clear to us that BLACKBERRY is the smartphone brand that everybody wants (it’s all about the always on, always connected lifestyle)”
    “to sum up, 50% use blackberry for social status, another 50% use it for the facebook app.

    I would like to know percentage of BBerry & Facebook users participate/ getting involve in “civic engagement”/ ” social transformation”.


  5. nemo: most indonesians don’t use Blackberry. they use much cheaper mobile phones to access. yes, if it’s BB it’s elite, because it’s expensive. those cellphones that are circulated in the market, they are mostly Chinese made. about civic engagement, i don’t say it’s dominant, most are in ‘participatory culture’ — but many have passion to be involved in civic engagement if you can, if they know how. that’s why i was talking about ‘bridging’, how to channel energy and passion people have to a right one.


  6. colson: San Diego was the past. this one was in Austin, TX (and yes, it’s the past as well, I presented on 14th)…. already in Tempe now 🙂 yeah, i should have had a voice over, but too lazy to do so, hopefully someday.


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