[Video-photos] Московское метро — the greatest Metro system in the world

I have many stories from my adventure in the land of midnight sun, but currently I have no energy nor time to write them except this particular one. Cannot help but writing about Московское метро.

Both St Petersburg and Moscow are beautiful. Remarkably beautiful. They are gorgeous! As I mentioned somewhere else, though, these cities, unlike Western European cities, were really designed in inhumane scale aka gigantic scale, a very common style adopted by great (authoritarian) rulers who wanted to make ‘people’ feel small.

Russia really impresses me. The people, food, architecture…. One thing that impress me most is their Metro system. Not only it’s remarkably efficient and well designed, it’s architecture is also impressive, especially the Moscow one.

The Moscow metro system is not only very heavily used but also, by far, the most elegant one. It carries more than 8 million passengers every day. This metro system was first envisioned during the reign of Nicolas II, in 1902, when London and New York had already had working subway systems. The civil unrest of 1905 and the revolution in 1917, however, delayed the plans. Stalin revived the metro plans during his rule and deemed them “the People’s palaces”. The system was opened in 1935 with the first line of Sokolnicheskaya and was tunneled by forced labors. Most of stations built during Stalin’s rule featured Social Realism themes. They featured elegant designs with rich marble interiors.

Today there are 11 lines and close to 170 stations. It’s among the busiest in the world, and open from about 5:30 until 1:00. During peak hours, trains run roughly every 90 seconds on most lines and at other times they run about every two to three and a half minutes. So, you don’t really need timetable, as trains are so frequent. Literally, you don’t have to wait for more than about one minute to get on the train.

As I had no more capacity nor ability to walk, today I just hopped from one train to another, to take hundreds pictures of some metro stations. This is not only a cheap type of tour (only cost 19 rub ~ $0.80, but also a very fascinating exploration.

Please enjoy my collage of those pics. You can follow the architectural tour of Moscow Metro from my eyes 🙂

For pictures with better resolution — check out this slideshow.

9 thoughts on “[Video-photos] Московское метро — the greatest Metro system in the world”

  1. Beautiful pictures…and beautiful stations too. Gotta go there soon.


    mer: you should definitely go there…. soon!


  2. The only thing I know about Russian is the fluffy head and borscht. Oh and the cute dollies.

    Those photos are amazing, Mer. Thank you so much for showing them.

    mer: thanks, Andie…. as a photographer, you’d enjoy taking pics of Russian cities.


  3. Mer, long time no comment nih 🙂 Can’t view the collage at work, but will do it from home later. Thanks for the in-depth report [yet written in a fun way] about the Metro system. A country with a superb train system is worth visiting for, I think.

    mer: you’re welcome, Diny. yes, it’s worth visiting, really.


  4. Ari metro di amsterdam mah kalah pikasieuneun komo mun wengi keur poek abdi mah teu wantun. Komo seueur anu numpak jalmi hideung mah abdi teh sok setereotip 😀 (padahal sorangan ge ireng tapi geulis). Kumaha kabarna neng ?

    mer: eh, teh Aida, damang pangestu… kumaha damang? sok sieun gitu di Ams? aduh, meni setereotip euy…. hehe…


  5. the land of midnight sun???
    were u in northern Norway or ???
    if u were in northern norway and not telling me..piufff..i will be pundung teh!

    btw teh, i have never been to the developed part of Russia. i had transit in Murmanks and spent a week in Arkhangelsk. i was amazed, not by how beautiful the cities were. but by how similiar they were to some provinces in Indonesia. and how could the whole world were so afraid of such country..

    haha. it was so funny too see the scary Russia in such condition. they spent so much money on security that they didnt pay enough attention to the other part of the country.

    bueno, i envy you..i wana go to those places too. eh teh, dont forget to enjoy classical music concert while you are there. it’s one of the best in the world!!

    mer: no, not Norway.. of course I’d contact you if I went there… it’s St Petersburg… it’s a bit up north that it’s blue sky during midnight hour… next time i need to see peripheral areas of Russia to experience what you said… thanks for sharing.


  6. Ah been a long time since my last visit, and jeez, you’ve been all over the world!

    I wish I could visit Russia sometimes soon. Although having said that, there are probably more Russian than native Londoner in London now. Cheers!

    mer: hey, nice to see you again…. yes, Russia is a must visit place! and it’s only a short flight from London… go go go 🙂


  7. Teh…jalan” mulu, enaknyaaaaa….=) Rusia is definitely a must see country yah kayanya!!!! Bagus pisaaannn…thanks for the lovely pics!

    mer: iya, musti lihat! emang bagus lho…… soal ‘jalan’…. ya nasib seorang pengamen…. eh scholar… hehe


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  9. I’d love to visit St. Peterburg since I’ve seen the architecture’s photos in one exhibition…unfortunately I’ve never been there yet…You are lucky!


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