Alternative Imaginations: Non-ness without Nonsense

Can we talk about non-ness without nonsense?
Can you be nonscientific and yet be rational?
Can you be rational and non-utilitarian?
Is there intellectual space for non-evidential knowledge?
Can technology close intellectual space for alternatives to technology?
Can we open a self-sustaining space for interactions of systems of knowledge?
Can story-tellers capture reality better than scientists?

Those questions are very much part of our Alternative Imaginations research project. AI is a research cluster that I and some colleagues at CSPO Arizona State University try to establish. I am not into talking too much about it now. For now, please enjoy a slideshow of our today's presentation, the first one, at the CSPO enLIGHTENing Lunch.

The flash version is here and below (it will take sometime to launch… once it's opened, please keep clicking to play the slideshow)

If that does not work, try the movie version, which is here and below.

Alternatively, you can also enjoy the non-animated version, here and below.

It’s accompanied by a collage of scenes from the movie “SongCatcher” you can watch here or below.

6 thoughts on “Alternative Imaginations: Non-ness without Nonsense”

  1. 🙂
    no wonder why people tag u as postmodernist. keep us updated with the recent founding in the studies ya teh. seems very interesting..


  2. I hate to admit it, but there is no escape: I’m too stupid. Because “Alternative Imaginations” looks beautiful and is fascinating, but I’m not sure at all I understand what it really is about.It’s even mind boggling to be frank.

    Is it about linking “low” and “high” culture?
    About reconciling method and creativity?
    About connecting western enlightenment to non-western spirituality?
    About relating the logical and the prelogical knowledge?

    All of them challenging – though not each and every single one of these is totally new- tough goals of course. But here and now I just stand in awe: ‘What are they up to?’


  3. I just read about cybernetic explanation. has AI (at first I thought Artificial Intelligence ;p) something to do with cybernetics?


  4. Alternative imagination seems related to ‘missionary”, since the world flooded with images. Imagination, projection, seeking for ‘role model’, tend to be self fulfillment (inquiry, reflection without action?).

    Is Mexico consider western, eastern or southern?

    What about alternative innovation?
    Alternative imagination for Myanmar?


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