Music and Life

If I had to choose just one thing in my life to keep, then I’d choose music. Music has always been a huge part of my life. The ability to enjoy music and to share it to others is one of the greatest blessings in my life. Echoing Nietzsche, I believe that without music life would be a mistake. In fact, I do think that life is music in itself. Life is like a musical instrument. What comes out of it depends on how you play it.

I just watched a short documentary about Christmas House, a non-profit organization based in Phoenix that provides the underprivileged children of inner-city Phoenix with free-of-cost music instruction from dedicated professional music educators. I am impressed by the dedication of these generous musicians. By opening these poor kids to the world of music, they not only teach them how to play music and to develop their talents and abilities, but also to give them an attention, a recognition and a lesson about discipline as well as introduce them to a new world full of many exciting possibilities.

As someone who came from a family with parents who couldn’t afford to enroll their kids in music school, I always feel lucky that I was exposed to the world of music since early age and later in my life I managed to teach myself to play some instruments, and in the last couple years I could finally afford to have musical instruments of my own. I used to borrow musical instruments all of my life before (beratin temen :D) so it’s exciting that now I have a nice Korg electric weighed-key piano, an Ovation acoustic-electric guitar, and an old Italian violin in addition to a small old harmonica I have had for years. They sit calmly in my music/office room and I play them interchangeably in between my writing, research, blogging, movie-watching and sleeping time!

I am thankful that I have people around me who always keep the music atmosphere alive. I thank my siblings whom despite all limitation — no money for instruments nor lessons — always tried hard to keep our humble house in Dayeuhkolot full of music. I thank all great talented musicians who generously share their music to me and to this world. I thank some beloved ones, including my brothers Deni and Jonathan, for sharing me their knowledge about music. I also am grateful that I always have had friends to play music with which include the greatest edoen crowd of ITB student choir, Agape VG in Bandung, PPIC-MC and 4U Bands in Enschede, and Keroncong as well as Permias Bands in Tempe. Love you, guys!

Without doubt I can say that music is the very important ingredient of my life. It partly makes who I am now and contributes significantly to my achievements in life. I owe a lot to music and I wish every children in the world have a chance to be exposed to this exciting world.

a special bonus:a video clip of my ‘hanging out’ with kids at ASU preschool
p.s. special thanks to y’ayie for giving me this sweet opportunity and for recording “the moment” and to marco, sasa and emily — my little angels.

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  1. Three angels indeed! Well, four actually.

    (I really envy you. After five years of trying, my teacher stopped my piano lessons saying I was a hopeless case. He was quite right.I am. So it’s only passive love of music for me. Anything from Albinoni to Zappa.)

    mer: you’re so kind, Colson. passive love of music is great!!! i cannot imagine someone can live without music!


  2. Greattt!!! The Professor playing music with the kids. Very nice! love it!!! 🙂

    And also thank for a special bonus :D.

    mer: you’re most welcome. the kids are great….. so innocent and sweeeet.


  3. Mer, next time bring angklung and suling to fascinate them!

    mer: yes i could easily bring suling, but unlike harmonica, cannot play suling with other instruments. about angklung, yes i am thinking of buying a set of small angklung someday.


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