JUS 394 IT & Social Justice — syllabus online

I have started teaching my first ASU course, JUS 394 Information Technology and Social Justice — beyond First World discourses, on January 16th. Since there were many requests to put the syllabus online — besides, I always want to make my teaching and research material available to general public anyway —   I put it online here . Apology, some of the readings aren't available for general public, they are only accessible for registered students. Hope to finally get everything accessible someday. Just remind me 🙂

Responding some previous questions (from blog readers): I don't have special sessions on Wiki and Multiply/Friendster, but I hope to include these issues in my lectures. 

Ok. Enjoy the readings…. we (me and my f-2-f students) are now on the second week.  

0 thoughts on “JUS 394 IT & Social Justice — syllabus online”

  1. Great course! no exam 🙂 heaven for net addict 🙂
    Internet, politic & entertainment + satire, humor? Internet as double edge sword, big company domination and role of academic.

    mer: thanks. but i don't think you'd take my class ;), wouldn't you? 


  2. ah mam, I don't really like papers. I think my bro should take your class, he intends to take political science as his major at uni. He's still year 11 by now.

    mer: oh, but paper is good….. train you not only to write well but also to formulate problem and analyze it….. btw, sure, your bro is welcome in my class 🙂


  3. I have checked on the link….slowly i am reading it now…..beurat geuning 🙂 but very interesting….. and a lot to be read….

    mer: thanks for reading it! hope you enjoy it 🙂


  4. Yo Mer,

    Congrats with your course! We want to follow the course. Please tape the lectures and put them on YouTube.


    mer: haha….BA & BP, are you joining forces again? 😀 thanks, but no promise to tape….. malu ah. :p


  5. Enjoying it. Don't think I'd have time to read them all though. Let me start with your PS 18. I like it when you "I will not tolerate plagiarism… will result in… expulsion from the university." I'd like to see someone's a** being kicked by Dr. Mer! Ahahaha…. Don't forget to record it.

    mer: t'anks! you don't have to worry, mr Tjahjadi, you're not a student to kick out 😉


  6. m,

    interesting, but 'heavy', list. is the course for undergrad or postgrad? if the latter, i would suggest Graham, G (1999) The Internet: A philosophical inquiry, London: Routledge. simple, well written and easy to understood — might be useful to build up "reflectivity" on the topics you are delivering.

    if i were there, certainly i will sit in your class .. 😉


    mer: thanks, Yanuar. this is undergrad (junior/senior level). it looks "heavy", as you browse around you'll find that it's not. at least my students told me that most readings are engaging and interesting. more stories than theories (except several first weeks). yes, I like Graham too, it's definitely a good reading material. 


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