Google tells all: Cheese or Tofu? Communist or Facist?

In my previous posting, I showed some trends on celebrities’ search generated by Google. This time I follow up by showing various trends, general ones, from pizza to democracy to sex. Here are my picks:

01. there are more Indians searching for Google in Google than Brits.

02. people in South Africa seriously look for democracy, perhaps as much as those in DC.

03. Jesus Christ wins in South Lake City but loses to Britney Spears in the Philippines and other parts of the world.

04. Islam is more popular than Christianity and Indonesia is unsurprisingly top for Islam.

05. sex and Hollywood are most searched in Pakistan.

06. pizza is more popular than spaghetti. And while spaghetti is still most popular in its homeland, Italy, pizza finds it home in the USA.

07. both Linux and Microsoft are very popular in India.

08. the word communist is most searched in the predominantly Catholic country, the Philippines.

09. there is no hope yet for tofu to compete with cheese.

10. people in Sweden really really want to learn about facist and facism.

11. satay — which is most popular in Singapore — cannot compete against Indonesian sate.

and here we come….

12. Miss Universe is most popular in………… of course Indonesia!

13. with the December 2004 Aceh tsunami, Indonesia tops the search for tsunami and gempa, where gempa is mostly searched from Javanese Google (thanks Nemo for adding).
Of course I can go on and on, and add some silly-sometimes-naughty words to just find that:

12. those in Norway are so eager to know about fart while those in Britain continuously check on why it is smelly (oh, pardon me!)

You also can go checking on where Indonesia tops the search, just to find out that:

14. strange but real, Indonesians are always checking on their armpits.

But searching for the trends of body’s parts might lead Indonesians to a kind of embarrassment since Indonesia, a country with so little sex education, tops the searches on some sexual parts of the body…you-go-figure-out-by-yourself (I refrain myself from providing links for this).

A blunt logic of this would point out that a significant portion of Indonesian users are obsessed with sex-info on the Internet (and by the way, Indonesia is in top 10 on sex, too). Of course you can choose be naive by believing that Indonesian Internet users are eager to learn about human biology. Or, just say that Google Trends is wrong, misleading or whatever. It is up to you to interpret the trends.
Nevertheless, I would rather to find Indonesia tops on arts or music or … else.. you name it.

So, my posting is just a reminder that each of Indonesian Internet user (in Indonesia), contribute to the trends appeared at GoogleTrends and thus contribute to what the cyber-world see as trends of what Indonesians search on the Internet.

I planned and wanted to say more about this GoogleTrends issue… but.. I am sleepy. So that’s all folks.


In reading the trends, should keep in mind that:

GoogleTrends analyzes “a portion of Google web searches to compute how many searches have been done for the terms you enter relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time.” Trends for cities and countries (regions) are measured relative to the ration of searches coming for each city/region divided by total Google searches coming from the same location. While language is measured looking at the version of Google site on which the search was originally searched.

0 thoughts on “Google tells all: Cheese or Tofu? Communist or Facist?”

  1. Any news about the latest tsunami? At least ‘tsunami’ is the top concern for Indonesian internet googler, and ‘gempa’ for Javanese googler. ( So far Googler Trend is mis-leading- doesn’t represent the population’s interest). If body parts is the top concern than it is basic instinct, certainly brain development & achievement is the last priority. Hopefully -heart- still more important than the body or the brain.

    mer: google is algorithmic. it doesn’t represent the population’s interest perhaps, but it does represent the top percentage of searches relative to the total searches.  thanks for reminding, i will include tsunami and gempa, then. 


  2. typo, huhu…
    Annenberg School? George Gerbner dong…

    mer: … aku di USC bukan yg UPenn, Gerbner di UPenn ya. di USC adanya Manuel Castells…  & beberapa big guys lainnya.


  3. Please check Trend history
    ASU, USC, UCLA, HARVARD, MIT the winner is…?
    Tsunami, earthquake, trauma, miss universe

    mer: without checking i can predict that MIT wins, because it’ll include “mit” as a word in German. without checking, i can also predict that tsunami wins but only around dec 2004. you should try tsunami, sex, seks.. then it’s clear what indonesians search most of time.


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